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Pairing: Alimor
Alternative name(s): Lionbaba
Gender category: M/F
Fandom: Magi
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Popular
Archives: Works at AO3, Works at
Alibaba and Morgiana, made by pauzilla.
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Alimor is a portmanteau ship name for the het ship between Alibaba Saluja and Morgiana from Magi. It is a canon ship and the most popular het ship in the fandom.



Alimor is the most popular het ship in the fandom, and number four most popular Magi ship tag on both Archive of Our Own and Pixiv. Due to being the main canon ship, it is also well known and liked among those who are not shippers or involved with the fandom. A part of Alimor's relatively high fic number is caused by it being a popular choice of sideship in many slash fics as it typically doesn't "get in the way" of the popular M/M ships.

Alimor is the most common ship name for the ship, although the term Lionbaba has also been used on 4chan (due to Morgiana being a fanalis, who descend from the Red Lions). In Japanese, it is known as アリモル (Arimoru).


Controversy and ship war

See also: Magi#Ship wars.

Alimor has found itself in the eye of a storm from those dissatisfied with the ship. There were people who were not happy with the development of it and who felt like it was too sudden or was confirmed canon out of nowhere. However, its most vocal critics have been the shippers of the competing ships Alikou and Hakumor. Alimor and Hakumor had a bit of a canon love triangle situation going on, despite Hakuryuu's feelings for Morgiana having been declared one-sided relatively early on. Hakumor shippers still held hope that she would change her mind. Alikou had gained popularity among those who liked the friendship between the two characters and felt like they would make a better romance than Alimor. The majority attitudes were different depending on the website. Tumblr, considered by some to be an Alikou stronghold, had plenty of Alimor hate, while the users at 4chan's Magi threads gleefully laughed at Alikou and Hakumor shippers for lashing out in hate against Alimor after their ships got sunk. Still, all websites had all kinds of shippers. Nowadays, the flames have mostly cooled off as those who felt like the series was ruined with the canonization of Alimor have mostly left the fandom. Majority support on sites like Reddit seem to favour Alimor, and Tumblr is still likely the most Alimor-critical community.

Important to note is that the "ship war" of these ships mostly existed in the form of angry rants on Tumblr. There was no hate campaigns against users (though singular individuals getting hate might have happened), but the overtly negative attitude against Alimor on Tumblr caused many to be too afraid to voice their support for it. It is not considered to be a ship war by some fans as it never escalated to the point that many ship wars in the past have.

This ship war seems to have been mostly an English-speaking fandom issue; after all, Alikou doesn't have a significant following in the Japanese-speaking fandom.


Japanese fandom

July 20th is celebrated with the tag #7月20日はアリモル結婚記念日 (July 20th is Alimor Marriage Anniversary) in the Alimor fandom, as it is the release date of chapter 314 – the chapter where Alibaba and Morgiana got engaged. Similarly, October 11th is also celebrated with the tag #10月11日はアリモル結婚式記念日 (October 11th is Alimor Wedding Anniversary) as that is the release date of chapter 369, the final chapter, when Alimor held their wedding.

English fandom

Alimor Week was held in 2014: it was the first of the many Magi fanweeks on Tumblr that were to be held later.

Example Fanworks

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