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Magi fanweeks are the multiple Magi related fanweeks that have been organized, mainly on Tumblr, since the 2010s.

Alihaku Week

Alihaku Week was a prompt based fanweek for the Alihaku ship. It was held on November 17–23, 2014.[1]


  • Day 1: Kings & Princes
  • Day 2: Vulnerability
  • Day 3: White & Black
  • Day 4: Cuddling & Blushing
  • Day 5: Teasing & Arguing
  • Day 6: Pink Rukh & Marriage
  • Day 7: Alternate Universe

Alikou Week

Main article: Alikou Week.


Alikoufest was a weekend long prompt based fan event for the Alikou ship. It was held on March 7–8, 2015, and organized by cosmocall and alibwabwa.[2]


  • Day 1: “We Are The Same” or “AU”
  • Day 2: “I’ll Do Anything for You” or “Royals”

Alimor Week

Alimor Week was a prompt based fanweek focusing on the Alimor ship. It was also the first Magi fanweek event out of them all. It was held on May 19–25, 2014, and organized by ichij0u and harutenshi.[3]


  • Day 1: Chains
  • Day 2: Enchanted
  • Day 3: Red & Yellow
  • Day 4: Sacrifice
  • Day 5: Song Lyrics
  • Day 6: Vessel
  • Day 7: Support

Alma Toran Week

Alma Toran Week was a prompt based fanweek focusing on all the Alma Torran characters. It was held on April 20–26, 2015 and organized by mon-qi and shebasborg.[4]


  • Day 1: Beginnings and Introductions / Free Theme
  • Day 2: Unity / Memories
  • Day 3: Utopia / Emotions
  • Day 4: Fate / Celebration
  • Day 5: Djinn / Opposites
  • Day 6: Transformation / Protect
  • Day 7: Endings / Goodbyes

Hakumor Week

Hakumor Week was a prompt based fanweek for the Hakumor ship. It was held between July 14–20, 2014, and organized by morgianafanaliss.[5]


  • Day 1: Beginnings
  • Day 2: Struggle
  • Day 3: Magic
  • Day 4: Scars
  • Day 5: Strength
  • Day 6: Promises
  • Day 7: Freedom

JudAla Week

JudAla Week was a prompt based fanweek about the Judar/Aladdin ship, commonly known as Judala, Juala or Magi Combi. The event was held between March 15–21, 2015.[6] It was organized after earlier plans for a "Magi Combi Week" had been dropped by the previous admin.[7] The week received some hatemail from someone who didn't like the ship.[8]


  • Day 1: Rivals or First Encounters
  • Day 2: Alternate Universes (AU)s or Brothers
  • Day 3: Power Struggles or Tragedy
  • Day 4: Past or Memories
  • Day 5: Magic or Snow and Ice
  • Day 6: Fire and Strength or Weaknesses
  • Day 7: Rukh or The Future

Juhaku Week

Main article: Juhaku Week.

Jukou Week

Jukou Week was a prompt based fanweek focusing on the Jukou ship. It was held between August 24–31, 2014, and organized by seasaltmemories and Tumblr user jukou. It didn't have its own blog.[9]


  • Day 1: Costume/Cosplay
  • Day 2: Peaches
  • Day 3: Red
  • Day 4: Teasing
  • Day 5: Rukh
  • Day 6: AU
  • Day 7: Soldier
  • Day 8: Yesterdays

Magi Fan Event

Main article: Magi Fan Event.

Magi Fest

Magi Fest was a prompt based Magi fanweek held on July 18–24, 2015.[10]


  • Day 1: Fire: favourite magic or a fight scene
  • Day 2: Water: a peaceful/happy scene or scenery
  • Day 3: Light: A character that makes you happy or favourite relationship
  • Day 4: Wind: Character development or first and last appearances
  • Day 5: Lightning: Depravity or favourite quote
  • Day 6: Power: Kings or queens
  • Day 7: Life: Smiles/what ifs or backstory

Magi Week

Main article: Magi Week.

Magi WLW Week

Main article: Magi WLW Week.

Sinbad Week

Sinbad Week was a prompt based fanweek focusing around Sinbad. It was held on February 14–22, 2018 and organized by kadajchan and soreita.[11]

The event ended up in a bit of a controversy when Tumblr user ohtakudesu (reibun-riinta) started going around to other people claiming that the organizers of the event are pedophile apologists. They would also make other accusations, such as accuse one of the organizers, kadajchan, of being an ignorant European insulting Middle Eastern culture by knowing nothing of it in her fics, despite the organizer in question being Iranian. Kadajchan later commented the chain of events, believing that the smear campaign had an effect on the event:

Most ppl who had signed up did not participate. They disappeared but tbh there disappearances were too many to be considered a coincidence or just ppl being lazy.[12]


  • Day 1: Chibi!Sinbad/Waka!Sinbad/King!Sinbad/Ceo!Sinbad/God!Sinbad
  • Day 2: Djinns/Mythology/Celebrity/Military/ Gang
  • Day 3: Gender-bending/Cross-dressing/ red-light district/ Rule 34/Sensuality
  • Day 4: Negativity/Blood/Angst/ Manipulation/phobia
  • Day 5: Positivity/ Fluff/ smile/ Generosity/Love
  • Day 6: Free style
  • Day 7: Valentine/Flower shop AU/ Coffee shop AU/ Hanahaki AU/ Candy shop AU

Sinja Wedding 20th Anniversary

Sinja Wedding 20th Anniversary was a Sinja prompt event held on April 11–17, 2016 in order to celebrate the twenty years the two characters had known each other in canon. It was moderated by Mari-m-rose, naoscifra and patchwork-panda.[13]


  • Day 1: I take you (The start)
  • Day 2: Vows (Promise)
  • Day 3: For better, for worse (Good times or bad times)
  • Day 4 : Father and mother of Sindria (Family)
  • Day 5: Reminiscence (Memories - Free prompt)
  • Day 6: Till death do us part (The end)
  • Day 7: Thank you
  • General (Naos) Prompt: Any prompt related to celebrating anniversary

Sinja Week

Main article: Sinja Week.


Sinjufest 2017 was a Sinju fan event held on April 8–10, 2017 (later extended to the 14th due to requests). It was made so to align with the Sinju Day on April 10th. It was moderated by judaru, sinjucomm and maumauxmau.[14]


  • Day 1: Canon
  • Day 2: Alternate Universe
  • Day 3: Free choice


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