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Pairing: Lydia Martin/Scott McCall
Alternative name(s): Scydia, McMartin
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Canonical?: semi-canon
Prevalence: rare
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Lydia/Scott or Scydia is the relationship between Lydia Martin and Scott McCall on the television show Teen Wolf.


Although there was some interest in Lydia/Scott, or Scydia, in Season 1 due to their scenes together and the kiss in episode "Lunatic",[1] the fandom behind the pairing was very little. Compared to the other pairings in the fandom Sterek, Scott/Allison or Lydia/Stiles it seemed like it didn't exist.[2] It's not until sometime after Season 2 aired, that fanworks such as fanfiction for the pairing started to take off. The increase continued with Season 3, with many Season 3 related plots are very easy to find. This was probably encouraged after Aiden went after Lydia (which Scott revealed some jealousy over) and Ethan went after Danny, which Ethan later revealed that the reason they went after them was because they knew one of them would be important to Scott. He reveals to Scott that they (the alpha pack) know it's Lydia.[3] Also encouraging are Derek Hale's words to Aiden and Ethan:

Derek: Lydia would never run and hide.
Aiden: Because of Stiles?
Derek: Because of Scott.[4]

Also could be the reason are the increase of scenes together, especially of them working together - for example Scott and Lydia going inside Stiles' mind to get him back[5] Many Scott/Lydia fans believe that Scott/Lydia might be endgame due to Derek's words. However, even with the increase of fans and fanworks, the pairing is still considered rare in the fandom.

On Tumblr, the pairing is sometimes paralleled with Stefan/Caroline of TVD.[6]

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