Love Songs (Harry Potter doujinshi)

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Title: Love Songs
Circle: G-Zero
Doujinka: Mitugu Fujii (藤井貢)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 30 March 2003
Type: manga
Size: B5, 44 pages
Language: Japanese
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Love Songs is a Harry Potter doujinshi by G-Zero. It is primarily Harry/Draco and follows Tactics, which was published later the same year. It has been scanlated into English by Aku Tenshi and into Italian by Hidden by Leaves.[1]


  • "An indirect continuation of Tactics [...] Harry has a nightmare [in] which he kills Draco. Does this dream have a meaning? Or is it just what it is, a dream. Sirius and Remus make [appearances] here." -- Aku Tenshi[2]
  • "Short, but it makes perfect sense and it leaves you carefree for some time after reading it. It won't have the same reaction if you haven't read [Tactics] before. May look like a drama, but it turns out to be just a love-funny one-shot. Remus and Sirius are... Amazing." -- GreenShoes[3]
  • "Another beautiful story by G-Zero. Sweet and smut free. Harry has a bad dream about Draco, and much of the book revolves around him, Sirius, and Remus discussing it. Eventually, he drags Draco off to meet them." -- izzerwurst[4]
  • "Same author as [Tactics and Dear Feeling], so it's guaranteed that the visual will be extremely pleasing. Harry is staying with Sirius and Remus (I know, that didn't happen in the canon; and no, I don't think they are a couple in this one, it just wouldn't sound right) for the summer holiday, and he's having nightmares about Draco. But the story isn't just about H/D, it's also about Harry's parents-child (sort of) relationship with Sirius and Remus. I absolutely adore Remus in this story, and Sirius is just quite funny (I sort-of thought he acts like a father he just finds out his little "daughter" is dating someone). Then you get to see more of Harry and Draco, IMO that scene is very cute. If I can only choose one doujinshi to recommend to anyone, this is it. Go read it!" -- lee_bella[5]



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