Dear Feeling

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Title: Dear Feeling
Circle: G-Zero
Doujinka: Mitugu Fujii (藤井貢)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 28 December 2002
Type: manga
Size: B5, 36 pages
Language: Japanese
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Dear Feeling is a Harry Potter doujinshi by G-Zero that focuses on the Harry/Draco pairing. It has been scanlated into English by Doki Doki.[1]


  • "Draco reminisces over his turbulent relationship with Harry, beginning pre-Hogwarts and continuing throughout school. He is hesitant to act on or reveal his feelings even when Harry shows that he likes him back. A few separate comics, at least one of which is by this artist." -- izzerwurst[2]
  • "Draco is haunted by feelings he shouldn't have for a boy he's been secretly conditioned to love since childhood." -- Doki Doki[1]
  • "Tactics is written in Harry's point of view, and Dear Feeling is written in Draco's POV. Very, very pretty art. Draco is hopelessly in love with Harry, and Draco being Draco, he would never outright admit it to Harry. On the other hand, he thinks Harry is just toying with him (have to admit I'm not surprised Draco would think like that, Harry is being rather *ahem* in this one). Also have some non-graphic sex. Oh, and for once we actually see the Bloody Baron. Rather different from what the canon describes him to be, and he calls Draco "Princess" (okay, I think it's a japanese HP fans thing). There are three short stories at the end, two of them are about Sirius (very funny IMO), and the third is a different look at Harry and Draco (this one is drawn by another author). I absolutely love that picture with Remus and Hermione, very cute. Another doujinshi I would highly recommend." -- lee_bella[3]



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