Love's Journey to Awakening

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Title: Love's Journey to Awakening (subtitle: "Beauty and the Beast -- Happily Ever After")
Creator: Laurel Cain Haws
Date(s): May 2008
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
External Links: Beauty and the Beast Museum and Amazon
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Love's Journey to Awakening is a 572-page Beauty and the Beast fanwork being sold for profit on Amazon. It is by Laurel Cain Haws, alias Karen L. Haws, alias Karen Hawes, who also designed the cover. It was edited by Dr. Thayle K. Anderson.

front cover by Karen L. Haws


Billed as a sequel to the TV series, it was published by Honey Tree Enterprises in 2008 in various formats, including oversized, large print hardcover and trade paperback. An additional printing corrected some character errors. This is an unlicensed and unauthorized novel, in violation of international copyright laws. It cedes rights of reproduction (but not sales) to producer Ron Koslow. It is sold through online retailers and also free to download in pdf. Note: Profit, or lack of it, is no defense when action is taken against a copyright infringement. [1]

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