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Name: HoneyVenom
Alias(es): Shortcake-Kaspbrak
Type: Writer
Fandoms: IT
URL: AO3, Archived version, Tumblr, Archived version
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HoneyVenom is a fanfiction writer in IT fandom, primarily for the Reddie ship.

Example Fanworks

All that glitters, Archived version by HoneyVenomFandom: ITDate: 02 December 2019Length: 5,677 wordsMedium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Engaged, Jealousy
(CW: References to Addiction, References to Depression) Richie has just won his first Emmy and all he wants to do now is take his fiancé back to their hotel room and nail him into the mattress, please and thank you. So why does everyone keep getting in the way? (Reddie)
Boys fall like dominoes, Archived version by HoneyVenomFandom: ITDate: 30 November 2019Length: 6,407 wordsMedium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Biting, Jealousy, Marking, Pining, Voyeurism
(CW: Manipulation) Eddie and Richie have been dating for two months when Stan starts to notice. It's little things at first: the curve of Eddie's ankle when he sits in the hammock or the fan of his eyelashes against his cheek. He thinks he's doing a pretty good job of ignoring it, of not thinking or saying the word crush, until Richie approaches him with an offer. (Reddie & Stanley Uris)
cherry, darling, Archived version by HoneyVenomFandom: ITDate: 31 May 2020Length: 22,912 wordsMedium: FanfictionStatus: WIPGenre: Dark AU, Humiliation
(CW: Bullying) Eddie has just started a new weekend job as a waiter at the Delicious Derry Diner, one he's hoping to keep secret from all the kids at school, when his former friend Trashmouth Tozier walks through the door. What he doesn't realize that afternoon, is that Richie plans on coming back every weekend. First to taunt Eddie and call him names, but then maybe for something else too. (Reddie)
Don't you mind that I've got this fever?, Archived version by HoneyVenomFandom: ITDate: 01 January 2020Length: 18,624 wordsMedium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Barebacking, Big Dick Rich, Biting, Bottom Eddie Kaspbrak, Cumplay, Dirty Talk, Objectification, Painplay, Praise Kink, Spit Kink, Submissive Eddie Kaspbrak, Sugar Daddy, Top Richie Tozier
(CW: Dubcon, Past Drug Addiction, Sex Addiction) After Derry, Eddie moves out to LA to be with Richie. And Richie knows he has to spend time breaking down Eddie's barriers - of sex, of being with a man, of being vulnerable. But he can't help feeling like Eddie is holding something back from him. (Reddie)
the first touch is the hardest, Archived version by HoneyVenomFandom: ITDate: 08 March 2020Length: 10,098 wordsMedium: FanfictionStatus: WIPGenre: Jealousy, Praise Kink, Secret Relationship, Size Kink
(CW: Infidelity, References to Drugs, Violent Thoughts, CNC Fantasy, Panic Attacks, Past Violence) A year after they defeat Pennywise for the last time, Eddie's divorced and finally out of the closet, which should mean a real shot at happiness. Where he can date men and actually be himself. Except Eddie's never kissed a man before. He's never been kissed, touched or fucked. Could maybe Richie help? The only thing is Richie already has a boyfriend of his own. (Reddie)
He makes me melt, Archived version by HoneyVenomFandom: IT & Stranger ThingsDate: 15 December 2019Length: 2,329 wordsMedium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Coming of Age, Crossover, First Crush, Jealousy, Pre-Slash
It's a hot summer's day in Derry, and the Losers make their way over to Scoops Ahoy – the ice cream parlour where Steve Harrington works. Except Eddie's acting really weird and Richie is determined to find out why. (One-Sided Harringbrak, Reddie)
His skin like a peach, Archived version by HoneyVenomFandom: ITDate: 11 November 2019Length: 3,054 wordsMedium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Alpha/Beta/Omega, Alpha Richie Tozier, Coming of Age, Omega Eddie Kaspbrak, Pack Dynamics, Possessiveness, Protectiveness
"Eddie had been feeling weird for almost a week now. It started as a constant itch, nibbling at him no matter how much he raked his fingernails across his scalp or scrubbed himself raw in the bath. Then there was the cramping pain deep in his pelvis, and waking up in the morning to find his bed sheets soaked with sweat." Eddie finds out that he's different from a lot of other boys in Derry, but he doesn't want to be. (Reddie and Bill Denbrough)
hotter than a blueberry flame, Archived version by HoneyVenomFandom: ITDate: 22 March 2020Length: 10,634 wordsMedium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Carnivalfic, Plushophilia, Secret Relationship
(CW: Emotional Manipulation, No Safeword, Unhealthy Relationships, Codependency, Drugs, Underage Drinking, Power Imbalance, Homophobic Language) Fall has just come to Derry, which means it's time for the yearly carnival. Except a nice evening playing games and going on the Ferris wheel is ruined by Eddie's sudden bout of brattiness. Richie thinks of a suitable punishment for his pretty boy. (Reddie)
tender was the flesh at his neck, Archived version by HoneyVenomFandom: ITDate: 04 May 2020Length: 38,392 wordsMedium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Barebacking, Biting, Bottom Eddie Kaspbrak, Claiming, Cumplay, Daddy Kink, Dark AU, Dom/sub, Feral Behavoir, Face Slapping, Fairytale AU, Human AU, Jealousy, Loss of Virginity, Magic AU, Possessiveness, Protectiveness, Public Sex, Rough Sex, Size Kink, Top Richie Tozier
(CW: Dubious Consent, Power Imbalance, Verbal Humiliation, Obsession, Non-Consensual Somnophilia, Dubious Morality, Murder, Feminization, Unhealthy Relationships, Past Drug Addiction, Suicidal Thoughts, Homophobic Language, CNC Fantasy) It's the night the Losers have been building up to for 27 years: their one chance to finally defeat the demon from their childhood. Except Henry Bowers has broken into the Town House and stolen Eddie away. To the sewers and to Pennywise. Richie, who's struggling with his attraction to Eddie and the reemergence of his dirty little secret, sets out to get him back. (Reddie)
That boy is a monster, Archived version by HoneyVenomFandom: ITDate: 17 November 2019Length: 2,075 wordsMedium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Hitman AU, Marking, Obsession
(CW: Unhealthy Relationships, Dubious Consent, Violence) Eddie is a lonely doctor trying to bury himself in his work running a small clinic in Derry. He thinks he's doing okay – busy helping people and seeing someone new – until a shadowy figure from his past reemerges. A Richie-is-a-hitman ficlet inspired by Bill Hader in Barry. (Reddie)
When you kiss me, I want to die, Archived version by HoneyVenomFandom: ITDate: 08 December 2019Length: 18,216 wordsMedium: FanfictionStatus: WIPGenre: Dark AU, Dirty Talk, Jealousy
(CW: Internalized Homophobia, Repression, Obsessive Behavior, Unhealthy Relationships, Dubious Consent, Period-Typical Homophobia, Murder, References to Depression, Codependency) "I must have imagined how much you fucking wanted me. How you’d been panting for me all year." It's his first night back in Derry and memories of Richie have been haunting Eddie all evening. But Eddie doesn't realise just how much Richie once meant to him until Richie drunkenly confronts him back at the Town House. (Reddie)
You loved me then, you love me now, Archived version by HoneyVenomFandom: ITDate: 29 October 2019Length: 2,015 wordsMedium: FanfictionStatus: WIPGenre: Coming of Age, Friends to Lovers, Pining, Possessiveness, Protectiveness, Slow Burn, Soft Eddie Kaspbrak, Soft Richie Tozier
(CW: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) In the weeks and months following that fateful summer afternoon fighting IT in the sewers, the Losers watch as the friendship between Eddie and Richie starts to slowly shift into something else. (Reddie)