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Pairing: Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson
Alternative name(s): H.M.S. Pug and Chipmunk, Hr/P, HG/PP, Pansmione
Gender category: femslash
Fandom: Harry Potter
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: uncommon overall, common for femslash
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Hermione/Pansy is a Harry Potter femslash pairing involving Hermione Granger and Pansy Parkinson.

Madam Hooch's Broom Closet stated in early 2003 that the pairing was "decreasing in popularity",[1] but removed this sentence after the release of Order of the Phoenix. Their later description of the ship stated:

"Ah, Hermione/Pansy. Bring on the angst. Often written to mirror the ever-popular Harry/Draco ship. A high proportion of the more dysfunctional and/or violent f/f romances feature this pairing."[2]

Hermione/Pansy tends to rank third or fourth in popularity among all Harry Potter femslash ships.[3][4] It is the most popular femslash pairing for Pansy, although Ginny/Pansy is also popular.[5][6]

As of 2021, Hermione/Pansy is the most popular ship for Pansy on Archive of Our Own (dwarfing her next popular ship, Draco/Pansy, nearly 2-to-1), and it is unusual for a femslash ship to be the most popular ship for a character.


  • H.M.S. Pug and Chipmunk is a ship name for the pairing popularized by FictionAlley Park's SCUSA forum. The name comes from the fact that Pansy is repeatedly described as "pug-faced" in the books and Pansy once compared Hermione's appearance to a chipmunk.[7]
  • HG/PP usually stands for Hermione/Pansy, but it is ambiguous: it can also mean Hermione paired with Parvati Patil, Padma Patil, Peter Pettigrew, Piers Polkiss, or even Poppy Pomfrey. Hr/P nearly always refers to Hermione/Pansy.
  • Pansmione is the preferred portmanteau for the pairing, popular on Tumblr. Permione is sometimes used as an alternative, but appears to be used more frequently for Hermione/Percy.[8]

Racism Controversy

In December 2021, popular fanartist UptheHill, a self-described Pansmione shipper, posted: I want to discuss Pansy, writing: "Regardless of what headcanons anyone might come up with, canon Pansy IS an awful, racist, hateful person exhibiting almost zero redeeming qualities. I mean, she WAS sympathetic to her friends, like Draco, but they were all awful people so it’s not much of an argument. She’s a bully, period. (And if anyone is unclear about how Pansy has exhibited racism, she basically called Angelina’s afro braids to look like “worms coming out of [her] head”). Since Hermione is now commonly portrayed as black/POC now - by me, too - pairing her with Pansy gets extra tricky and raises issues."

Others responded questioning the focus on Pansmione as a ship. "It always amazes me how male characters always get their redemption arc but female characters never do" (Teacup-Tai, 2021). "i feel like, in practice, most people ONLY bring up canon pansy’s racism as a reason not to ship pansmione, and that feels like taking a serious quandary and cheapening it with bias and shipwars" (Anon, 2021).

While Pansy is commonly depicted in fanon as being East Asian (see Racebending in Harry Potter), some have issue with that as the character is canonically anti-Black. "Just saw a post headcanoning Pansy Parkinson, a known racist, as a WOC. DAY RUINED" (HPNerdyHobbies, 2020).

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