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You may be looking for the Sentinel story Heart/Soul by Donna Gentry or the third issue of Ancient's Gate which is called "Heart and Soul".

Title: Heart and Soul
Editor(s): Charlotte Frost (almost all) & Sylvia Bond (single story)
Date(s): 1994-1999
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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Heart and Soul is a Starsky and Hutch primarily slash fanzine.

Content is almost all by Charlotte Frost. Sylvia Bond is the author of a single story in the first issue.

These zines contain no cover or inside art.

This Zine's Beginnings: History, Labels and Such

It was't officially called HEART AND SOUL 1 -- though it was later referred to as that -- because I didn't know that there would be subsequent issues.

My very first SH stories -- "A Time for Change" and "Waterfall" -- had been published in a multi-media series called PLAYFELLOWS. After writing those, and some Twin Peaks stories that didn't have a fandom, and with having burned out on Kirk/Spock, I made the decision to switch to SH fandom. Even though, as detailed in early posts, seeing the SH series as a teenager was one of the most significant events over the course of my life, it was quite an adjustment to switching to writing different characters.

That was 1994. (Geez, 20 years ago!) The internet wouldn't become mainstream for a few more years, though some fans were using it in its infancy. Mostly, though, fandom interaction was conducted via snail mail.

What I loved most about the S&H series was the warm fuzzies between the characters, and that's what I wanted to write about. Therefore, of the six stories in the fanzine, the only one that had a cop plot was Sylvia Bond's "Hour of Separation". Sylvia was a local fan who become a good friend, so much so that she rented a room in my house for six months. That was the period of time when I was writing the stories that would be included in HAS, and I invited her to contribute something.

My biggest dilemma was how to characterize my first fanzine. There was definitely sex in some of the stories but, in the realm of slash fanzines, the sex was pretty lightweight. The stories were also somewhat lacking in the drama area, as the plots centered more around feelings than events. It definitely wasn't a genzine. So, I ended up calling it slash. At the time, it was common for publishers to distribute flyers for a new zine, with information about the contents. When I gave a blurb on each story, I ended up calling a lot of them "pre-slash". [1]
When I published my first fanzine with my own stories -- Heart and Soul 1 -- it was quite a dilemma to try to figure out what to call it. A couple of the stories were, to my mind, clearly gen. A couple were pre-slash. One had a first-time sex scene. If I called it slash, it seemed a lot of readers would feel let down that there was so little sex. But ultimately, I decided that's what I had to call it. The fans accepted it fine, except I did get hear from one dismayed reader. I had an anonymous feedback form to send back, and one of the people that returned it let me know that she was quite disappointed in the lack of sex. If I would have had her name and address, I would have refunded her money, because I could understand how she felt misled. [2]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Heart and Soul 1 was published in June 1994 and is 220 pages long.

The content is online here.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

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Heart and Soul 1 features several 'first time' stories. "Walls of Glass" is my favorite perhaps because the lead-in of Starsky's reaction to ST 2: The Wrath of Khan is so dead-on and in character. Is there canon in the show for him to be a ST TOS fan? (my mind is going) I could easily see how the discussion was triggered and led to....... well, you know.

The first story in the zine "Sacred Place" is a Starsky POV concerning his relationship with Hutch and how his date reacts. Those who think Starsky is often bullied by his partner may sympathize with the date... But I can see both sides of the issue... And it does present Starsky's take on the way Hutch behaves (esp. in Season 4--- but let's not go there).

The stories are all well-written....the only thing I could wish for is for illustrations... Suzan Lovett illos with lots of naked... Never mind. [3]
[comments and feedback to the author when the zine was published]: When readers were asked, "Any Other Comments?", here are some things they said, as well as answers to other questions that seemed to fit this question. Also, there's some general excerpts from other feedback received on HEART AND SOUL.
  • I think I'm going more for novels -- rather than anthologies -- in all fandoms.
  • I would have liked more sex scenes, but the stories work well.... I prefer a zine like this with a handful of longish story a chance to develop rather than a zine with a lot of short stories. I personally don't miss artwork or poetry.
  • All the stories seem to be the same theme, but never getting to the slash relationship.... A lot of S&H and S/H stories now always tend to dwell on bickering and arguing all the time. Most stories seem to have a hateful undertone on the relationship, and not the close relationship we loved on the series first two season. I think the show did the same thing in last season and helped end the series.
  • The gentleness! There was a lot of gentleness and affection. I don't like prolonged angst stories.... I'll be nominating this zine for STIFFIE Awards at MediaWest Con.
  • The writing is terrific. Keep it up. Have you written any Professionals stories?
  • I really liked the fact that none of the stories was rushed to an ending. And were upbeat and in character.... The best value per dollar, of all the zines I've purchased since I got into this fandom six months ago.... I wouldn't mind a little more skin.... There is not one story, act, or itim I would remove to make the zine more pleasing on the whole. After I read it through in one setting, I closed the book, and smiled. It made me feel good. I then read it again.
  • I liked all the stories and loved some. I suppose that I preferred the stories with Starsky and Hutch concentrating on each other over the ones where the relationship included female friends.... more, please.
  • The stories made you feel like the feelings you felt when S&H first appeared. The feelings were so warm and caring.... I'm a sucker for the love, the giving and caring for one another.
  • Thanks for putting out such a favorite S&H zine - there are very few out there now.
  • There was a nice variety of plots, and every story was very well written and consistent with the S&H we saw on the series.... I would've liked to see some graphics, even copies of photos, however, if illos weren't available.
  • I was surprised at the quality, usually fanzines of this length and quality would cost more.... These [stories] were top quality, more of this type would be enjoyed.
  • The author is very talented to turn out good stories not at all alike.... I only ordered this on a whim as a difference to my usual K/S, B/D, and media buys. I was very pleasantly surprised. I read it in one evening and it left me feeling ok, certainly not disappointed. Definitely value for the money -- and there's not a lot of zines you can say that about nowadays. .... I think this questionnaire very good. Normally, I'm afraid I wouldn't write LoCs, but this takes all the work out of it.
  • I enjoyed this zine a lot -- also, this generic LoC is a great idea! I always intend to LoC, but it's hard to sit down and do it.
  • I'm horrible at LoCs; this makes it easier. There's not enough S&H available for my taste.
  • Tremendous start but stories should get more complicated.
  • These are stories that I have already read several times and will read over and over.
  • The value was super. Over 200 pages for only $14?... All the stories were pretty "deep'"... A huge thumbs up. The service was excellent also. It took only about a week for the zine to arrive. Totally made my day.
  • Thanks for some good reading!
  • These were all great. I also wouldn't mind seeing shorter stories, too... single scenes and moments from their lives, as long as they are romantic, and all about their realization that they can add a sexual dimension to the relationship. I love seeing them a little stunned, shy, and embarrassed about those feelings.
  • Too cheap, you should charge more.... This year, I am greatly in need of a little fantasizing and some good "pull on the heartstrings" fiction.... not to be petty, but try not to mix metaphors - although actually I enjoyed some of them.
  • This LoC is a good idea -- easy to organize your thoughts.
  • Lots of h/c and relationship, but not enough sex scenes. You built them up to them and then - nothing (end of story), but read your editorial and can see your problem.... I do like your S/H zine but in my opinion your "Twin Peaks" novel, which appeared in the Playfellows is much better. The people are more believable, more like read people, less idealistic.
  • Great first issue. Hope to see many more issues.
  • This is the first zine I've read where I've enjoyed all the stories enough to reread... I've also read HAS 2 and Private Agendas - please write more!
  • Loved it all!
  • Although first person is interesting (and hard to write), I like a few more told in third person. One thing about it though -- you've got Starsky's voice down to a fine art!... Please don't worry about not having graphically detailed sex scenes -- they're boring after a while. The love is what's important. Even the episodes showed that. This is the one buddy show that I think slash fiction can be visibly supported by the aired episodes. Thanks a lot for a great zine, I devoured it (and its sequel) while snowed in this weekend.
  • A friend let me read this and I still purchased it for my collection.
  • Your stories are GREAT! Even after reading HAS 1, 2, and 3 all over Christmas I'm not bored with the style or storylines, not something I can say about many authors! I liked the first person narratives for a change.
  • Each story captured wonderful ideas and moments.... I have read about 15 zines so far, and have come to enjoy slash the most. I feel a zine is not complete without their love for each other expressed! Private Agendas and HAS 1, 2, and 3 have been my favorite!
  • Overall, a truly fine zine. Thank you!
  • You are an excellent writer. I am slowly trying to buy zines as I am able, and hope to come across more of your work.
  • There's one particular reason why I liked all the stories here: it's the perceptive way they reflect a view of the SH relationship which has always seemed to me absolutely true and convincing. The whole zine has this quality of showing the way that the relationship develops and evolves -- over years -- like a natural progression. They've tried other (often good) possibilities which, for various reasons, have always fallen apart. And they are left with this one constant centre which doesn't go away -- and they have the courage to recognize its presence, its importance, and to hold on to it. It's an interpretation which I've always believed and I like the way HEART AND SOUL has encapsulated this central truth - eg (bottom of page 44) -- what you say about that -- 'the armor still held... scar tissue making it stronger...' Absolutely. Or the dialogue on page 94 -- 'That won't happen to us...' etc.... Many thanks for a zine which I know I shall return to for re-reading. I think the way you write is very close to SH.
  • I like that you don't seem to be bound by the idea that a slash story has to have a sex scene in it. It seems that some slash fans don't like a story unless it has a juicy coupling in it, but how many times in how many different ways can you read/write a good sex scene? (One that does not take away from any emotional angst or tension in the story.)... I don't think an author should feel compelled to include the semi-obligatory sex scene just for the sake of sex -- what I'm after is the emotional aspects of the relationship, and if a sex scene fits the idea I'm trying to get across, fine. But if it doesn't, I don't think an author should just stick in a sex scene anyway. It's got to work with the plot. So I'm glad to see the stories you have in a slash zine that don't have to have sex -- the emotional payoff works just as good without it, and the reader still understands the emotional commitment between S&H... I really do like your style, and I wish I had some of your talent for conciseness. Now, I'm off to read HAS 2!! (I promised myself not to read 2 or 3 until I finished your LoC for #1! Never knew I was such a masochist!)
  • On the whole -- I had problems with characters except in Hour of Separation, Just Love, and partly in Walls of Glass. Hutch was far more recognisable to me than Starsky (excepting HoS). I suppose it's all a matter of interpretation, but the Starsky in this zine is mostly not mine. He seems to emphasise mostly one side (the less important one) of the person I think I see on screen. And even stranger - when the story is written from S's point of view, it seems to come closer to a characterisation I can relate to than when it is written from Hutch's or the narrator's pov. ...The stories from the narrator's pov are full of 'the taller man', 'the dark man', 'the blond', etc. I *know* it's difficult when you're dealing with two guys and 'he' and 'him' can get confusing, but I felt it was overdone. I noticed myself skimming down the pages just to find all the permutations - bit distracting. Another thing that bothered me (all the stories except Hour of Separation) was the explicitness of their thoughts and the way that every tiny step was explained to the reader. It seemed worse in some stories (Hero, Lying in Wait) than in others (almost no problem in Just Love). I really can't describe very well exactly what I mean, but the impression was often that the narrator was using the character to make some general, and not terribly subtle, statements about their relationship, their feelings for and about each other, whatever. There seemed to be a lot of repetition of certain thoughts (I have particularly Lying in Wait in mind here), with only slight changes and not really saying anything new, which could have been edited out.... I did enjoy reading the zine and will probably be in touch with orders for more....
  • HAS 1 arrived today and I'm absolutely thrilled with it. Everything I've read so far is *so* good - sweet and loving (but not so much so that it's sickening), just like I like S/H. (And S&H gen stuff, too. ) And I'm so impressed with the quick turnaround that you have! Amazing.
  • I really loved the stories. They were a great intro, to me, to S/H. They're well -- and tastefully -- done, with solid characters, and are a genuine pleasure to read.
  • ...She recommended I read your original HEART AND SOUL zine, then loaned me her copy. I enjoyed it immensely and would like to have my own copy....
  • Overview: You seem to have a unique style of writing. It is not overly descriptive, nor does it attempt to reach great lengths to impress the reader with metaphors, etc. It is simply an excellent way of telling a story. The paragraphs flowed evenly, and the stories unfolded effortlessly. I enjoyed reading the insight you seem to have of the guys and their relationship. I am not even a slash fan, and will probably not continue to read more slash, but felt these stories offered very believable explanations of how this expression of their love could occur. I feel that any of the stories would have been entertaining and offer us beautiful descriptions of their feelings for each other if they remained non sexual, but this is just my opinion. I want to thank you for exposing me to this new facet of the relationship in a "pretty tame" manner.
  • ...I enjoyed the stories very much and they have changed my thinking in many ways regarding slash stories. I would not say that I have "converted" -- at least, not yet, but the way you present the sexual side of their relationship is very different from what I expected. Your presentation of the guys' relationship is so warm and loving. It seems natural to take the friendship a little further.
  • A really great zine that I enjoyed very much and will read again and again. This is a compliment because not a lot of what is written is worth a second look!!! [4]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Heart and Soul 2 was published in 1995 and is 194 pages long.

The content is online here.

From an ad: "Two 'not necessarily slash' vignettes, 2 established relationship stories, & 1 first-time h/c novella all by Charlotte Frost. (Warning: the novella contains a few pages of graphic violence.) plain cover...)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

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Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Heart and Soul 3 was published in November 1996 and is 221 pages long.

The content is online here.

From the editorial:

Welcome to HEART AND SOUL 3. This will be brief so you can get to the stories. There seems to be a lot of first time scenarios this time around, as well as the usual hurt/comfort situations. I hope to have at least one established relationship story in the next edition of this zine, as I have an idea in mind for a sequel to "The General", which appeared in HAS 2.

Speaking of HAS 2, "Compassion's Heart" was the runaway hit of the zine, which leaves me worried that this edition doesn't have a story equally as strong. But I'll leave that ultimate determination to the readers. Of course, my usual LoC form is enclosed with this zine. Comments are also welcome via my internet address, below.
  • Spoils of War by Charlotte Frost (Post “The Game” with Starsky determined to answer the question ‘why’ while Hutch is recovering) (1)
  • Promises Kept by Charlotte Frost (Post “Revenge” with Hutch reflecting on Starsky’s tragedy) (35)
  • Greek by Charlotte Frost (Post ‘Starsky vs. Hutch” Starsky acts upon newly acquired knowledge about his partner) (49)
  • Jenni by Charlotte Frost (S&H expand their relationship while involved in a case centering around the possible murder attempt on a rock star and have to deal with Hutch’s mysterious nightmares) (93)
  • Romeo and Juliet by Charlotte Frost (When Starsky believes he is mortally wounded, he makes an analogy that prompts Hutch to evaluate their relationship) (193)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

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See reactions and reviews for Promises Kept.
See reactions and reviews for Romeo and Juliet.
See reactions and reviews for Jenni.
See reactions and reviews for Greek.

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Heart and Soul 4 was published in 1997 and is 183 pages long. This zine was nominated for a STIFfie in 1997.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

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See reactions and reviews for The Heart Knows.
See reactions and reviews for Sink or Swim.
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Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Heart and Soul 5 was published in March 1999 and is 189 pages long.

The content is online here.

The editorial:

Welcome to HEART AND SOUL 5. It's been eighteen months since my last zine, but the wait won't be near as long for the next one. HAS 6 is three-quarters complete and I expect it to be finished in time to debut at MountainMedia Con in July.

All four stories in this zine are quite different from each other. I usually like to fill up this space with mention of the various things that inspired some of the stories, but I can't do that this time around. This is an unusual group in that the origination of the stories can't be linked to any particular creative jump-start; only that the separated-and-thinking-each-other-dead theme that starts "Sanctuary" was something that I used to imagine when I was a teenager and the Starsky & Hutch originally aired.

The novella turned out to be quite different than I ever thought back then.

The face of fandom seems to have changed a lot since the publication of PHANTOMS. There is now considerably more activity online, and I have enjoyed participating in a few of the lists. One topic that received discussion last Autumn was that of feedback. I complained about the lack of it, and others shared their thoughts and experiences. Readers' reasons for not writing LoCs (letters of comment") ranged from not realizing that fandom writers in general receive very little feedback; to being discouraged from writing a LoC for fear of not being able to talk "up to" the author's level; to being reluctant to give feedback because of past experience with the recipient reacting badly to constructive criticism; to simply being too lazy to share their thoughts on the stories with the authors and editors who created them. For those who weren't privy to that discussion, I'll reiterate here that there is nothing more discouraging to a fan writer than total silence after putting so much effort into creating a story and bringing it to print. If you enjoy what you're reading - in any fandom - make sure the people who bring those stories to you know how you feel. Ican't speak for others, but for myself, I am also interested in what the readers dislike. I don't see much point in bringing to print those stories, themes, or ideas that appeal only to a small minority. Idon't know what readers like and dislike unless they tell me. Contrary to popular belief, authors and editors do not automatically know what the readers think.

For the sake of the newer online generation, I'd like to mention that it was customary in the past to write a Letter of Comment (LoC) to the editor of a zine after reading it, giving their thoughts, feelings, and constructive critiques of the stories in the zine. Such a LoC does not need to be an English essay in order to be helpful and worthwhile for the recipients. There is no particular format that needs to followed. Simply sharing your thoughts, feelings, enthusiasms, disagreements, etc. regarding the stories is all that is needed - whether in person, via a letter, or via an email message. At the very least, such feedback lets the authors know the stories were read- something that silence does not.

I'd like to welcome Flamingo to my list of editors. An extra set of red ink on the rough drafts can only serve to make my stories better, and I appreciate her help with this issue. Beth Cambre and [Trish] have been lending their assistance since my first efforts at publishing, and I feel I've done them an injustice by having referred to them in the past as "proofreaders". All those who have assisted with my zines do so much more than that, so I've correctly labeled everyone as editors this time around. I take sole responsibility for any typos or other readability mistakes, as Iwas the last proofreader after the manuscript was tweaked a final time.

As mentioned above, HAS 6 is well on its way to fruition. I'm also pecking at a novel that I've had in progress for over a year now. Perhaps that will follow in the new millennium.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

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Issue 6

cover of issue #6

Heart and Soul was published in 1999 and is 164 pages long.

The content is online here.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

See reactions and review for Sexperts.
See reactions and reviews for Adventure.
See reactions and reviews for A Question of Merit.


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