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Title: Girlfriend
Author(s): Charlotte Frost
Date(s): 1997
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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Girlfriend is a slash Starsky & Hutch story by Charlotte Frost.

It was printed in Heart and Soul #4 and later online.

The Author Comments

I’m partial to this story. I love the domestic atmosphere. I think the whole “dog” thing is realistic. It allowed me to share some of my experiences with adopting my first dog. (I’ve since adopted three others. My Angel – the Girlfriend dog – was put to rest at the age of 17, a year a half ago.) [1]

Reactions and Reviews

She wrote a trilogy of sorts in her Heart and Soul zines. She started in HAS2 with The General, followed it up with "Girlfriend" in HAS4, and finished it with Sin and Prejudice in HAS5. They're a simple testament to normalacy in the face of an injust world. I just want them to have a happy life, a nice home, and live till they're too old to remember different. This does a pretty good job at achieving that. [2]
I hear it from so many people who love established-relationship stories. Hats off to you folks. It would've never occurred to me that once "they're comfortable with each other" they would have a "wider range of interaction in the sack." This was a whole new concept to me when SH fans who were fond of established relationship stories first brought it up to me. Because to me, once "they're comfortable with each other" that's the death knell on interesting sex scenes. Snore city. Honey, not tonight, we have a meeting in the morning. Sunday, okay? And this time I won't fall asleep in the middle, I promise. :-D It is almost impossible for me to see an established relationship story, especially if they are the happy married couple, as having any sexual tension or interest. I almost never come up with plots that deal with this time frame. I think I invented the If Love Is Real series so I could have them have first-time sex scenarios over and over and over and over and put them in a situation where they can *never* get comfortable. I think the turn off for me is that whole "comfortable" thing. I don't want my characters to get comfortable. I want them to have problems. Which, hopefully, I can solve in bed! Then I'm happy! ;-) This is dealt with in a very funny, charming way in Charlotte Frost's story "Girlfriend" in which S&H's married bliss has definitely quenched the fire of an interesting sex life and Starsky decides to *do* something about it. I love that story. [3]


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