A Time for Change

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Title: A Time for Change
Author(s): Charlotte Frost
Date(s): 1994?
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
External Links: online here

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A Time for Change is a slash Starsky & Hutch story by Charlotte Frost.

It was published in Playfellows #1 and then online.

The Author Comments

When I was a miserable, depressed teenager in the 70’s, watching Starsky & Hutch was about all I cared about. (No VCRs then, so I could only watch “live”.) In between episodes, I’d run the h/c parts over and over in my mind. Sometimes I’d make up my own. I never wrote them down, because I wanted to be a writer, and writing stories based upon TV characters didn’t make any logical sense. (If I’d only known….)

One fantasy that I ran over and over and over again in my mind – for years – was an intense scenario of Starsky finding a badly injured Hutch in a sewer tunnel. Taking him home, because Hutch was too skittish and scared to be in a hospital. Finding a kindly old doctor to make a house call. Trying to soothe a terrified, naked Hutch on the sofa, and letting the doctor work.

If I hadn’t had that scenario to escape to, who knows what would have happened...

Jump to some dozen years later. My career as a Kirk/Spock writer was winding down. One of my editors – who had published most of my K/S stories – was going to do a multi-media zine. Would I do a S&H story for her?

I didn’t think so. My mind wasn’t there. I had maybe 15 episodes on tape, but I hadn’t watched them in a long time. I hadn’t seen the show in years.

Awe, c’mon, she pleaded.

I then realized I could, finally, get that long-time h/c fantasy out of my mind. It would be written down and I could let it go. So, I agreed.

Immediately, I realized a problem. I had fantasized the story so much, that actually writing it down felt like repeating myself for the hundredth time. The writing was laborious, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the story reads that way (though I’ve haven’t heard much about it in all these years since).

I did add one little twist that wouldn’t have occurred to me as a teenager. I put the barest hint of a slash suggestion in the final sentences.

I like the ending.

As for the rest of it, I’m in the dark as to whether it works or not.[1]

For more comments by the author, see The First SH Story, Archived version


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