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Name: fiercelydreamed
Alias(es): The Drifter
Type: fan writer, meta writer, podficcer, vidder
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Lotrips, Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, White Collar, Leverage
URL: fiercelydreamed (Dreamwidth), fiercelydreamed (LiveJournal)
author website
fiercelydreamed (AO3)
podfics by fiercelydreamed (Audiofic Archive)
podfic of fiercelydreamed fics
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Fiercelydreamed is a writer of fanfiction and meta, as well as a podficcer and vidder in Stargate Atlantis and other fandoms.

She has given blanket permission for fans to make podfics of her works.[1]

Of her podfics[2], thingswithwings said:

"I think you only have to listen to her read the title of Torture: Most Bizarre and Terrible to realise that fiercelydreamed is a brilliant reader of fic. It was her reading of Harmonic Function that drove me to start this set of recs in the first place, because I found it so emotional and affecting and raw. Her vowels are American, but she has really beautiful, rather unamerican fricatives and stops (t, d, p, b, d, f, v, s, z, k) - I could listen to fiercelydreamed pronounce her Ks and Ds and Ts all day. [...] She says "pinned in place" at one point in Harmonic Function, and it's gorgeous. Speaking of Harmonic Function, that reminds me: she's got a completely sexy voice and does a fabulous job with the sex scenes.
Her narrative style is somewhere between zoetrope's and countess's - she has the same slightly-distanced, slightly-dreamy narrative tone that zoetrope does so well, but it's sometimes breathy like countess's is. Unsurprisingly, as she's a reader that I like, she's really good at pausing, and at slowing a sentence down or speeding it up to deliver the right mood for the story at the moment. Oh, and it bears mentioning that she's a music geek who tends to blend the openings and endings of her podfics with absolutely appropriate mood-setting songs; this pleases me."[3]

and podklb said:

"Her reading is magnetic, it draws the listener in so that you're actually leaning forward holding your breath to hear more. She uses pacing in this amazing way that brings out the tension in the story and gives the perfect amount of weight to every word. I don't think I've ever heard a more masterful use of pacing, actually. Her voice is clear and a little hushed and just, it's hard to put my finger on why, but it's just exciting to listen to."[4]

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