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Name: The Fantastic Journey
Creator: D.C. Fontana, Richard Fielder, Robert Hamilton, Leonard Katzman, Ken Kolb, Howard Livingstone, Michael Michaelian, Katharyn Powers
Date(s): February 3 – June 17, 1977
Medium: TV series
Country of Origin: United States
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The Fantastic Journey was an NBC American science fiction television show. There were ten episodes.


"The Fantastic Journey" was a short-lived, relatively unlamented TV series. It traced the adventures of a band of travelers marooned in a Bermuda Triangle-like area of multi-leveled time zones. Each week's show pitted the intrepid band against a danger in a new time zone. The zones co-mingled in this strange region and ranged from antediluvian Atlantis to far in the future. And our stars played characters from many of these eras. The show was not a rousing success, and did not last very long, although in honesty, 'Fantastic Journey,' like Logan's Run at a later date, appears to have been a victim of the overly-hasty ratings game. Both shows were pulled just when they had begun to develop some of their potential and gave some promise of turning onto a really good program after all." [1]


The show was the subject of Susan M. Garrett's first published fanfic.


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There are also at least three one-shot Fantastic Journey fics in various multimedia zines.


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