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Title: Peripatetic
Publisher: Catacombs Press
Editor(s): George Eichler
Date(s): 1980-1981
Medium: print
Fandom: Fantastic Journey/Space 1999
Language: English
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Peripatetic is a gen Fantastic Journey anthology that after the first issue became a zine that branched out to all other media fandoms (Genesis 2, Planet Earth, Logan's Run, Fantastic Voyage, Space: 1999).

Issue 1

Peripatetic 1 was published in February 1980 by the Fantastic Journey Fan Alliance and contains 94 pages.

The cover is by Rose Marie Badgett.

Peripatetic 01.jpg
  • Peripatetic comments (2)
  • Veils of Deepening Blue, FJ story of Atlantium written and illustrated by P. Munson (4)
  • Fantastic Journey limericks by R. Hansen (24)
  • The Inner Dimension, by E. Elliott and S. Williams (26)
  • The Way Back Home, by R. Hansen (63)
  • The Fanatic Journey, an FJ parody by B. Dotson (77)
  • Sara, by G. Eichler (84)

Issue 2

Peripatetic 2 was published in July 1981 and contains 164 pages.

An ad in Datazine #15 says: "The formally all Fantastic Journey fanzine has changed it format for the second issue to include all SF with an emphasis on Space: 1999."

  • Start Somewhere, Space: 1999 fic by Bonnie J. Yoman (reprinted in Beating the Odds in 1982)
  • Space: 1999 fiction by Gail Zenner and Rebecca Eisenhuth
  • other SF fiction by Chris Hantzopulos and Michelle Yardumian
  • art by Munson, Harill, Eisenhuth and Yordumian [one of these names is a typo]
  • humor from George Eichler, Bill Dotson, Chris Hantzopulos
  • the first Space: 1999 musical: "What's It All About Alpha?" by Alice Newsom and the Georgia Delegation, later in the con program for Breakaway
  • a Con '80 graffiti board
  • more