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Name: Elnor
Occupation: unofficial member of the Qowat Milat; qalankhkai to Jean-Luc Picard
Fandom: Star Trek: Picard
"Fanart of Elnor from the hips up. He is depicted in a fighting stance and holding a weapon in an artistic style that resembles East Asian calligraphy."
Untitled Sketch of Elnor by Thaya Wamani, Sept. 10 2020
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Elnor is a Romulan orphan raised by a sect of Romulan nuns, the Qowat Milat, on the planet Vashti. Although only women can be accepted into the order, Elnor was given the same training and education as the girls and women in the Way of Absolute Candor. Admiral Jean-Luc Picard visited the Qowat Milat because they were instrumental in relocating hundreds of thousands of Romulans during evacuation before the Romulan supernova event. It was during these visits that Picard developed a warm relationship with the young Elnor, sharing with the boy his love for the Three Musketeers and fencing. After Picard fell into an extended depression in the wake of his resignation from Starfleet, he neglected the people of Vashti for 14 years. He made a detour to the planet during episode four of Star Trek: Picard, "The Way of Absolute Candor", hoping to acquire assistance from the Qowat Milat.


Elnor garnered fan attention before the premiere of the series, as his name as well as his first-season make-up and costuming strongly evoke J.R.R. Tolkien's elven characters, such as Elrond and Elros. Unsurprisingly, he quickly acquired the nickname "Space Legolas," a reference to Tolkien's most famous elf.[1]

Elnor is the fourth most popular character on the AO3 fandom.


Thanks to his memory of Picard telling him stories of Data's cat Spot, fans quickly decided Elnor needed to encounter a real cat.[2] The tag Give Elnor a Cat quickly achieved canonical status.


Many fans reacted to the intense chemistry Elnor and the Ex-Borg Hugh had in the Borg Cube, so it is not surprising that Elnor/Hugh is the most popular romantic/sexual ship Elnor is involved in.

Nevertheless, gen is the most popular category of ST:P fic on AO3, so many works explore Elnor's relationships with Picard and the La Sirena crew. Most often he is paired platonically with Hugh and Seven of Nine.

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