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A screencap of the Deep Dish 9 tumblr, captured July 2020.

Deep Dish Nine is a trope specific to the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fandom. Deep Dish Nine is a semi-collaborative alternate universe where the characters of Deep Space Nine are all humans in a 21st century pizza parlor, instead of a multi-species cast in the 24th century. Some elements of the Deep Dish Nine universe are almost universally agreed upon (for example, that Captain Benjamin Sisko is the owner of the pizza parlor), while others vary from fan to fan.

The trope originated on tumblr as part of the second wave of fandom from after the series aired. The tumblr blogs Deep Dish 9 and Deep Dish Nine Archive contain most of the content for this trope. The origin appears to be a tumblr post by LadyYateXel where she posted screencaps of DS9 characters with the caption, "They all look like pizza delivery people. And I love them so much."[1][2]

Fan Interpretations

Deep Dish Nine has developed its own fanon to incorporate the themes of the series into a wildly different setting. Although the setting is 21st century Earth, some fan writers choose to reinterpret the political boundaries so that Bajor and Cardassia are countries on Earth instead of different planets. Others choose to write the various species as ethnic groups or members of rival organizations. The Dominion is often reinterpreted as a rival restaurant. Some fans like to incorporate in elements of other Star Trek series - sometimes Kathryn Janeway owns a coffee shop or Picard and Q cross paths.

Example Fanworks

A DD9 Garak/Bashir valentine, posted to the Deep Dish 9 tumblr.




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