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You may be looking for Dark Jedi, a US Star Wars zine.
Title: Dark Jedi
Publisher: Delta Source Online
Editor(s): Mark Richards
Date(s): 1997- 1999
Medium: print, fanzine
Fandom: Star Wars
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Dark Jedi UK cover.jpg

Dark Jedi is a UK publication of fan fiction. 2 issues of Dark Jedi were published. In 1999, "Dark Jedi issue #2" won the Star aWards "BEST 1999 FOREIGN SW ZINE UNDER 100 PAGES". The editor's website DeltaSourceOnline states that

"I was born in 1976 and live in the UK. I have been writing Star Wars fiction since the early 1990s and my first ever story was published in the British Star Wars Fan Club's Jedi newsletter. Since then I've written for a number of Star Wars 'zines including Galaxy Travellers; Dark Master, Dark Servant and Bounty Hunter. I have also produced and edited three of my own fanzines - Tales of the Empire, Dark Jedi and now Delta Source."

Issue 1

Dark Jedi #1 was published in 1997, contains 121 pages, and was comb bound "with a front cover by James Simmonds, [interior artwork by Sandra Scholes] and stories by Jason Grant, Gary Tester, Suzanne Godsalve, Stephen Mohammed and of course not to be outdone, four entries by" Mark Richards.[1] One story was called 'Dark Servants" which imagined an alternative ending to Return of the Jedi.

  • Introductin: The Idea and Creation of Dark Jedi (6)
  • The ISB Chronicles: THe Renegade Master by Gary Tester (9)
  • Admiral Daala in Profile by Gary Tester (50)
  • The Birth of an Empire: I, Palpatine by Mark Richards (53)
  • The First Trials by Suzanne Godsalve (59)
  • Executor: Life Aboard Darth Vader's Flagship by Mark Richards (79)
  • Dark Servants by Mark Richards (83)
  • The Doctrine of Fear: Grand Moff Tarkin by Gary Tester (102)
  • Renaissance by Stephen Mohammed (108)
  • The Last fo the Chicargatans: Grand Admiral Thrawn by Mark Richards (114)
  • The Unknown Admiral: High Admiral Heres by Gary Tester (118)
  • The ISB Chronicles: Reprisals by Jason Grant (120)
  • front cover by James Simmonds, other art by Sandra Scholes

Issue 2

Dark Jedi #2 - The RETURN of the EMPIRE was published in 1999 and featured fiction written by Jason Grant, Selinthia Avenchesca, Valerie Vancollie, Joe Sales, Richard J Thompson, Gary Tester, Graham Walters and Mark Richards. The issue included a foldout A3 colour cover by John Conway of the Emperor and interior artwork by Sandra Scholes.

The editor has blogged about his experiences working on Dark Jedi #2: "Selinthia Avenchesca provided some thoughtful poems on various themes connected with the Empire, Jason Grant provided two irreverent pieces - Grey Walker Down and Wraith Uncovered, while Joe Sales, Gary Tester, Richard J Thompson and Valerie Vancolie all contributed stories. A rather bizarre cross-over with Batman came courtesy of Graham Walters. I have always been doubtful of cross-overs and perhaps on reflection this one would have been better left out. Again, Sandra Scholes did a sterling job with the illustrations. Something I specifically asked all the contributors to do this time round was to provide a short piece describing the work they contributed or about themselves. This is fascinating to look back on and I note from Jason's piece such as using the names of the astronauts in Apollo 13 for the characters in Grey Walker Down which also drew inspiration from the title of another film - Grey Lady Down." Mark Richards [2]

  • Dark Heritage by Valerie Vancollie (What if Vader had managed to put Luke into carbonite on Bespin?)
  • other unknown content

From the publisher's online flyer: "More of the best in Dark Side and Imperial fiction is now available in the second issue of Dark Jedi. Meet a whole galaxy of the darkest servants of the Empire from Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine to the captain of a lonely Star Destroyer and discover the truth of Luke Skywalker's heritage.[3]