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Are are RPF theories, like Larry Is Real, or tinhating, considered fan theories that could be placed in this category? Or is this category only for fictional media fandoms? Should RPF theories have a separate category? I'm just curious. -- Kingstoken (talk) 18:05, 09 September 2018

Should we make a template?

StringQuartets&ChiaPets and SecurityBreach and I were talking on talk about a possible template for Fan Theories that would include the Fan Theories category by default and I thought moving the discussion here would give it more visibility.

I don't really pay much attention to fan theories but I think there could be some value to having an infobox that includes the fandom, subject/scope, and maybe who created the theory/when it was active? If we do make one, I think it would be especially useful for fan theories that don't have agreed-upon names or specific origin posts? - Hoopla (talk) 16:59, 12 April 2021 (UTC)

I think this is a good idea. As there's already a category for fan theories it makes sense to have an infobox that makes our fan theory pages more consistent. At the moment some of the pages are using the trope infobox and others are using the glossary. I'd suggest sections for Theory (the page name), Synonyms (other names used by fans), Origin (the platform/person/community where theory originated), Fandom and Dates.
Hoopla, when you say the scope/subject of a theory, what do you mean? Because there are definitely different types of theories but I'm not sure if that's what you mean. --Auntags (talk) 20:02, 12 April 2021 (UTC)
I think having a template is probably a good idea, and like Auntags said, we are currently using a mismash of infoboxes because nothing fits perfectly -- Kingstoken (talk) 20:14, 12 April 2021 (UTC)
As I said on StringQuartets&ChiaPets' talk page, I support the idea. --SecurityBreach (talk) 20:27, 12 April 2021 (UTC)
If we do make an infobox we should have separate slots for when the event(s) happened and when the theory(s) started. It would be interesting, I think, to document the fan response and how quickly theories crop up and/or gain momentum within a fandom.--StringQuartets&ChiaPets (talk) 14:42, 13 April 2021 (UTC)

Hi everyone, I made a draft template for y'all to consider. It's Template:FanTheory; feel free to leave any suggestions on that talk page. I also applied it to one page R + L = J just to test it and make sure it works. --Auntags (talk) 20:21, 13 May 2021 (UTC)