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Name/s: Auntags
Fandom/s: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Doctor Who, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, DC Animated Universe,Arrowverse, Black Sails, 12 Monkeys (TV), The 100, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Farscape, Orphan Black and there are so many more...
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I'm AuntAgs. I have been a long time consumer of fan works, if not a creator. I found fandom by googling Buffy back in the early noughties, and clicking the button to say I was over 18, when I wasn't. I have enjoyed so many fan works and discussion since then. I have dipped in and out of too many fandoms to reliably list, but my interests are often comics or sci-fi based.

I've been putting my History degree to good use, editing Fanlore since August 2017. Here's a list of pages I created, so I can better organize the projects I work on.

Current project: BtVS fan pages. Regularly distracted by BtVS fansites and fanworks. Oh and gardening duties!

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