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Name: Beth H
Alias(es): bethbethbeth
Type: fanwriter, reccer, moderator
Fandoms: MCU, Harry Potter, due South, Good Omens, The Sentinel, Highlander, yuletide
Communities: SnapeNews (a Snape-centric newsletter), snape100 (a Snape-centric drabble community), hp_beholder (a rare pairs HP fic/art exchange), close_contrast (a Snape & McGonagall community)
Other: Recs Recs Recs: a work-in-progress A multi-fandom recs page, currently listing over 100 fandoms (...recs backed up on Dreamwidth)
URL: Madwoman in the Basement (...fic backed up on Dreamwidth and AO3)
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Beth H is long-time fanfiction writer who wrote in due South fandom from 2000 until somewhere between 2004 and 2006.[1] As of 2014 her most recent works on the AO3 were MCU and Harry Potter. In Due South fandom, she wrote mostly Fraser/Kowalski slash. In ds_profiles, mergatrude says: "Beth writes with a deliciously light sense of humour and an obvious love of her characters. She revels in the whackiness of due South and makes it seem entirely plausible." [2]


One of the editors for Snapenews: a daily newsletter for all LJ activity (fic, art, meta, discussions, etc.) relating to Severus Snape.

Moderator for five LJ communities:

  • hp_beholder: a fic/art exchange focusing on relationships between HP characters who are often thought of as too old or fat or ugly be in relationships.
  • close_contrast: a fic/art/commentary community focusing on the whole spectrum of interactions between Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall.
  • snape100: a weekly drabble community centered on everyone's favorite Potions Master.
  • fanspeak_help: a multi-fandom Q&A community for when you really have no clue what anyone's talking about.
  • porkish_pixies: an HP-focused, multi-fandom art/fic parody community where "old" and "fat" aren't just accepted: they're required!

Founder and moderator of the Disc Fest in the Discworld fandom.

Current co-moderator for:

  • premium_blend: a central community for fanfic and discussion of all small-fandom shows on the premium cable channels like HBO and Showtime.

Former co-moderator for:

Beth H also maintains a Multi-Fandom Recs Page Recs Recs Recs: a work-in-progress

Notable Works

due South

  • Like a House on Fire, co-written with Kellie Matthews (Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 92,688 words). Fraser and Ray have moved on with their lives post-Quest, but once they're back together they're the old duet.
  • If It Walks Like A Duck… (Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 27,718 words). This is a great misunderstanding story. While the boys are hankering for each other, too afraid to say anything, an old friend of Ray's just assumes they are together.
  • Unplanned (Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 3114 words). They're really just like an old married couple!
  • Internal Affairs


  1. ^ In 2013 she mentioned not being in DS fandom for nine years.[1] Her most recent AO3 DS fic has a posting date of 2006.
  2. ^ mergatrude, due South Author Profile: bethbethbeth posted on 1 April 2010 (Accessed 7 April 2010)