Internal Affairs

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Fraser/Kowalski Fanfiction
Title: Internal Affairs
Author(s): Beth H.
Date(s): April 2001
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
External Links: online here
online at AO3

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Internal Affairs is a Fraser/RayK story by Beth H..

Reactions and Reviews

I tend to like future fics, and this is a good example of a future dS story not set in Canada. This story is on the angsty side, so I think some people might have overlooked the fine RayK POV and canon feel of the casework. Fraser is very Fraser-like in this story. Inveterate Vecchio fans might have skipped this one, too, and I would say to them to try to view this as an AU and give the story a chance (in this fic, RayK goes undercover to investigate Vecchio). "Internal Affairs" feels emotionally true to me, even if it's not light and fluffy. Part of the appeal of canon due South is that dance between comedy and drama, and this story illustrates how duty places a heavy burden on the honorable. Also, there are a number of long, plotty stories in this fandom, but not so many get the feel of a cop's life right. [1]

The angst comes from a different place in this one; it's interesting, because in some ways this story is backward. They start out where they usually end up, and vice versa. I choose to believe this story has a happy ending.[2]

Halfway through reading this fic I felt like someone dumped a bucket of ice water over my head. Ouch. Follow it up with the Advil that is Unplanned because it's just so sweet after something that sad.[3]