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Name: Disc Fest: a Discworld Fic and Art Fest
Date(s): 2011, 2012
Moderator(s): Beth H
Founder: Beth H
Type: fanfiction, fanart
Fandom: Discworld
Associated Community: Disc Fest @DW; @LJ
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Disc Fest is a prompt-based fanfiction & fanart challenge in the Discworld fandom, founded & moderated by Beth H. It was sparked by speculation that Discworld might cease to be eligible as a Yuletide fandom. Beth H wrote:

Last autumn, when sign-ups for yuletide (the rare fandoms holiday fic exchange) were just about to get underway, it looked as if Discworld would no longer be eligible as a rare fandom. "Oh well," I thought. "If it's no longer eligible, I can always participate in some long-established Discworld fic and art Fest. However, I couldn't find any such community, so here, then, is Disc Fest - an anonymous (gen, het, and slash) fest designed to encourage the creation of fiction and art based on characters from Terry Pratchett's wonderful Discworld series.[1]

Inaugurated in 2011, it also ran in 2012 but not in 2013.

Administration & Rules

The fest used prompt suggestion and claiming. Participants could claim one or two prompts at a time; prompts could be claimed by up to two authors and/or up to two artists. Gen, het & slash were all accepted. Fiction was required to be at least 500 words, with no minimum for artwork.[2]

The challenge was run from mirrored communities on dreamwidth & livejournal. Works were initially posted anonymously by the moderator. They were not archived centrally outside the fest communities.


The inaugural fest opened for prompting in May, with prompt claiming starting on 25 May (in honour of the "Glorious 25th of May"[2]). Works were posted in July.

The 17 contributors were astro_knight, autumnestuary, brutti_ma_buoni, delphi, dickgloucester, glinda, gumbie_cat, jurious, lyonie17, lyras, marrael, moreteadk, opalmatrix, oxymoronic3, recessional, shiv5468 & silverinkblot.[3]

A total of 22 works were created: an animation, a vid, 4 artworks and 16 stories.[3]


The 2012 round followed a similar schedule to the previous year. The 14 contributors were ampersandals/backspace, book-hobbit, brutti_ma_buoni, donnaimmaculata, firebird5, glinda, jiggit/deskclutter, ms skylark, musyc, opalmatrix, primeideal, SandyQuinn, treemice & woldy.[4]

A total of 19 works were created: 2 artworks, 2 illustrated stories and 15 stories.[4]



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