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Newsletter Community
Name: SnapeNews
Date(s): Began on 01-25-2006; last issue April 2012
Moderator: Bethbethbeth, Bewarethesmirk, Cardigrl, Lesyeuxverts00, Mugglegirl0908, and Wonderfulwrites
Founder: quasi_hayley
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: SnapeNews on LJ; on IJ; on DW

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SnapeNews was a newsletter in the Harry Potter fandom, about Severus Snape. It was mirrored on Livejournal, Insanejournal and Dreamwidth. From the profile:

This is a fandom newsletter for anything and everything to do with Severus Snape from JKR's Harry Potter series. It provides links to gen, het, and slash fanfiction, fanart, and poetry featuring the man himself as well as anything else that the editors think may be of interest to Snape fans. Discussions, rants, and meta about Snape are also covered.

The last issue was in April 2012 (number 848). In August 2012, Bethbethbeth posted that the newsletter was on hiatus seeking a new editor. She also posted an extensive list of links to Snape-centric material.