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Also see List of Beauty and the Beast Conventions and Category:Beauty and the Beast Conventions.

NOTE: This is one fan's specific, static research project. This means the information may be incomplete and/or inaccurate. While notes may be added for clarification, and fan comments to the project itself are welcome, the factual information on this page should not be altered as it is about a specific fanwork, not the topic in general.

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Beauty and the Beast Convention History is a project written and compiled by Deb Fowler.

It contains information for Beauty and the Beast (TV) cons from 1988 to the present.

See Con History, Archived version.

Also see List of Beauty and the Beast Conventions.


I guess this convention history page began at my first convention in 2003 in San Francisco. That is where I found my “warm place” in this world. That is where I found people that really “got it” and understood. That is where I first saw Chan’s art and met Chan in the art room. I was mesmerized by Catherine’s cloak that was hanging there. The next thing I knew Chan was standing beside me saying, “You can put it on if you want.” I was shocked in the first place that someone as important and talented as Chan was actually speaking to me and that she said I could try on the cloak that Catherine wore, the cloak that Linda wore. My roomie Rosemarie says it was at my first con that I first fell in love with Chan’s art and with the person that Chan was. I didn’t realize it until Rosemarie said it, but I think she was right.

The San Francisco convention was also the first time I saw fan made music videos and was determined to learn how to do them, and it was at that convention that I saw Deb Smith’s display of the history of “Condom” (my words, not hers, and how did you guess, LOL). I am also very interested in genealogy and have done lots of research on my own family history so I was very interested in this convention history. Over the next year, several of us spent lots of time and emails working on the development of several projects about fandom in general. In 2006 at the Colorado convention we announced several panels to find lost artists and, authors, museum project, we are part of each other, scripts and transcripts projects, and the convention history.

I was particularly interested in the history of the Fan Conventions because I am so grateful to those that kept this dream alive until I could get here. Like many others, I felt like I was all alone and no one understood or even tried to understand my love of this show. But when I found fandom, I was embraced by understanding and it was wonderful. I have made lifelong friends from all around the world. And that was my impetus to keep me working on this project until my fingers wouldn’t type and I was sure I would get a bedsore on my butt from sitting at the computer so long. I want to share with those out there that felt alone for so long, that there are people who understand and will welcome you with open arms, just because you are you and that makes you one of us.

I have to thank so many people, everyone that I corresponded with about pictures, convention reports, convention information and sites where convention information could be found. Thank you all for sharing your memories to make this project possible.

We have made every opportunity to have accurate information and permission to post or repost any information contained in these pages. If you notice a mistake or a picture or something that you wrote and don’t want it included on these pages please contact us at: pascal at

Also if these pages make you remember a convention report that you wrote or pictures that you have of conventions you have attended, please contact us at the email above to have your information added to these history pages.

Thank you to Sobi and J’Ecris for the technical part of this. Even though I had the information, I have no idea how to put together a web page. I know at one time I sent Sobi over 150 emails packed with convention information and time lines. Then J’Ecris taught me how to do a zip file…LOL. So she got just around 100 emails. As far as I am concerned these two are the reason why these pages are here for you to see. It was truly a group effort. There are too many individuals for me to thank here, but to everyone that sent me anything or gave me permission to link to web pages, or gave me any information to help complete this history… Thank You So Much for helping to make this dream a reality.

So, wander through the years and see the history of our conventions. Nothing on these pages can come close to the actual experience of being there, so if there is any way possible, I would encourage you to come to a physical convention. There really is nothing like it and you will never want to miss another one.[1]

The Cons



  • five Creation Cons (not a B&B cons - included Beauty and the Beast guests)