Beauty at the Beach (Beauty and the Beast convention)

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Name: Beauty at the Beach
Dates: March 1998
Location: Virginia Beach, VA (Virginia), USA.
Type: fan con with guests from the show
Focus: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Organization: DreamSeekers, the Beauty and the Beast Fan Club of Eastern Virginia
Founder: Lynette Combs
Founding Date:
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Beauty at the Beach was a Beauty and the Beast (TV) convention that was held in 1998 in Virginia Beach, VA (Virginia), USA. It was subtitled To See The World in a Grain of Sand.

The convention also published a charity zine under the same name: Beauty at the Beach: To See The World in a Grain of Sand. The charity selected was the Samaritan House in Virginia Beach, a shelter for homeless families and battered women.

Part of a Series

This con was part of an organized series of annual national Beauty and the Beast fan gatherings held in North America.

A Secret Passage!

A note about the costume contest from the convention flyer:

"Costuming Contest. The costume contest will be held at 8pm Friday night, before the talent show. The categories will be -- Vincent, Catherine, Other "B&B" Characters, Generic Tunnelfolk; and Other Fantasy/Sci-Fi. There is a hidden hallway (a secret passage, if you will) behind the staging area, so attendees will be able to conceal themselves before going onstage. It's also cool enough back there, that you shouldn't have to worry about getting overheated in your costume."[1]


A convention report can be found here and pictures are here.

Additional photos, videos and memories are archived here, here, and here.

To make a long story short, [we] had a blast. We thought Myhr was/is great. Love his artwork and stage personality. Jay and Dave are a hoot....haven't laughed like that for a long time. I'm glad the person who did Vincent's makeup (Margaret) was there too. And those of you who said that it was a "family-like" atmosphere were right. Like I've said to many of you, I'm not a big extrovert (though I think I have discovered that I'm not an introvert....I must be in-between), but a year ago, I would have not have been sitting in a bar comfortably talking with people that were pretty much complete strangers to me. I don't think I would have had the guts to submit any creative writing either. I even told Jackie before that I went that I probably wouldn't be spending any money at this con, yet here I sit with a two Jamie prints (one of Catherine for me, and another one of Vincent and Catherine that is for my wife's birthday), a pencil drawing of Catherine done by Jamie, and some other misc stuff. I spent more money than Jackie did! [2]

For those of you who weren't at the con, some of the art went for big, and one for enormous, bucks -- a pencil drawing of Catherine by Kevin Barnes (which I also bid on but it quickly got too expensive) priced by the artist at a minimum bid of $30 ended up going for I think $450. The really big item ended up being a phenomenal bare-Vincent-in-a-cavern-pool piece by Jamie Murray ("She Calls" -- quite delicious!) which the artist had priced prior to the con at a minimum bid of I think $250 or $350, and it ended up going for around $3,000!!! [3]


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