Bara to Chocolate

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Title: Bara to Chocolate (薔薇とチョコレート)
Circle: Auki Aski & PARSIFAL
Doujinka: Miyako Oruga (おるが都 Oruga Miyako) &
Nikora Ichijou (一条ニコラ Ichijō Nikora)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: December 2002 - July 2003
Type: manga & novel
Size: B5
Language: Japanese
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Bara to Chocolate (薔薇とチョコレート, "Roses and Chocolate") is a series of Harry Potter doujinshi by PARSIFAL and Auki Aski featuring the Snape/Lupin pairing.

Bara to Chocolate

Bara to Chocolate (薔薇とチョコレート) was published on December 28, 2002 and contains 56 pages, about 26 of which are novel.[1][2] It is roughly R-rated.

The doujinshi contains three stories, two of which are manga and the other a fanfiction novel. The first is a manga story about Remus and Snape in an established relationship while they are professors at Hogwarts. Lupin takes Snape home to meet his mother[3] for Christmas, and his mother teasingly asks which of them will become a woman and have the children. In the second manga story, Snape comes home injured after spying for the Death Eaters. Lupin comforts him and the two have sex.

The manga portions of the book have been scanlated into English by persepolis130.[4]

This is a pretty good doujinshi for Snape fans (well, if you're okay with yaoi). There are a few stories; in one Snape is introduced to Lupin's sister [sic]. It's quite amusing. There's a short novel that I can't read. There's also a serious story in which an injured Snape comes back to his rooms at Hogwarts and Lupin is angry with him. There's a short conversation and then some ... erm, reconciliation.[5]

Bara to Chocolate 2

Bara to Chocolate 2 (薔薇とチョコレート2) was published on May 4, 2003[2][6] and contains 40 pages, about 14 of which are novel.[2] It is rated roughly PG.[7]

One reviewer summarizes:

Snape and Lupin have a fight and the Trio [Ron, Harry, and Hermione] decide to help them make up. In another story, Snape gets a little present from Lupin. A fairly cute doujinshi.[5]

Bara to Chocolate 3

Bara to Chocolate 3 (薔薇とチョコレート3) was published on July 6, 2003[2][6] and contains 28 pages, about 10 of which are novel.[1] It is Remus x Snape and also features and Harry, Draco, Hermione, and Ron.[1][8]


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