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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Bandom
Scope/Focus: bandfic
See also: Music RPF, Bandom Terminology Debate
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The term bandom is used to describe the RPF fandom based around real-life musicians and bands, mainly North American and European rock bands. The term is applied somewhat inconsistently, but does not usually include kpop, jpop, jrock, or boyband slash.

There are complex distinctions between this general usage and that of Decaydance/MCR Bandom. In 2007 the distinctions were especially confusing because Decaydance bands and MCR were some of the most popular bands around, so fans using different definitions of "bandom" might still be writing or reading fic about the same bands. For details but no clear resolution, see Bandom Terminology Debate.

The general definition of Bandom would include things like the Rihanna/Katy Perry fic in Yuletide 2010, which is not part of the Decaydance+ Bandom but could be related because Katy Perry used to date Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. It also covers bands such as The Like, who are on the borderline and not technically part of Decaydance, but often considered part of the same fandom in the wider sense.

This sense of the term bandom is also more likely to be used by people writing crossovers with American Idol season 8 - pairings such as Adam Lambert/Mikey Way or Adam Lambert/Gerard Way will get labelled "bandom" even though only one of the characters is part of the Decaydance+ Bandom.

Another Definition

Just to make things even more complicated, the word bandom has been used not only as the name of a fandom consisting of all bands, but in a slightly different sense as a general term referring to any fandom for a band. So instead of saying "I like this fandom", you could say "I like this bandom".[1][2] See The Fanfiction Glossary's 2005 definition of bandom:

A punnish nickname for fandoms centering around fictionalizing real-life bands like the Goo Goo Dolls, Good Charlotte, Nirvana, etc. Term said to have been coined by Raedyn.

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