No Sense of Sin

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Name: No Sense of Sin (NSOS)
Date(s): 18 May 2003 – c. 2005
Archivist: Taz, Crystal, Em, Ashlee, Carissa, Wolverine, Emo, Leilani
Founder: Taz (_noisenkisses_)
Type: Slash
Fandom: AFI, Alkaline Trio, Blink-182, Good Charlotte, Mest, Rancid, Simple Plan, Sum 41, The Used, other bands
URL: / (archive links)
nsosfaq at LiveJournal
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No Sense of Sin was a bandslash archive created in 2003. It did not allow het or Mary Sues.[1]


Well this site was created back in May 2003 when I was a poor little girl in need of stimulation. was confusing to use and livejournal required a code for you to be able to post on there. At the time I had no code and found this to be really unfair. So I decided that I would set up my own site where everyone could upload and have reviews without having to learn the weird and wonderful ways of fandomination and without having to kiss ass to get a code off someone on livejournal.

Alot has changed since then... NSOS has had lots of members, we've crashed about three times and picked ourselves back up and I've now got a LJ code. I can't remember who gave it to me but thanks alot.

This site is still based on the same ideas that it was originated from. Lots of slash in one place. That's all it was about, I couldn't be bothered trawling all over the internet to everyones individual diaries and different websites, I wanted it all in one place and now alot of slash is all in one place. NSOS.

Over the time we have been open I have added a few new things to the site, pictures, contests, communities this is all just so slash can be better and more interactive, so that one little Welsh girl can say that she brought a lot of people together and enriched alot of people's lives with the pervy stories of the world.

Hopefully when this site gets old and replaced (Like 192... being replaced with 118 118) people will think "Yeah... it crashed alot... but it was okay when it was running."

And that's what NSOS is all about...[2]


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