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Name: Beru Lars (nee Whitesun)
Relationships: Luke Skywalker (nephew), Owen Lars (husband), Leia Organa (niece)
Fandom: Star Wars
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from The Dark Lord (1982), artist is Stefanie Hawks


Born Beru Whitesun, Beru Lars was Luke Skywalker's aunt and lived on her husband Owen Lars on their Moisture Farm on Tatooine.

She encouraged Luke to go to the Jedi Academy, in contrast to Uncle Owen.

Beru and Owen were murdered by Imperial Stormtroopers who were searching for droids who had the plans for the Death Star.

She appeared in A New Hope, Episode II Attack of the Clones and Episode III Revenge of the Sith.,[1] with Bonnie Piesse playing the role in the prequels.


Beru appears infrequently in Star Wars fan works, and is usually included in a supporting role in Luke Skywalker-centric works.

Fanfiction Samples

  • Home by Jackie Paciello, illoed by D.M. Walsh (Lars and Beru shortly before the visit by Stormtroopers.), from Moonbeam #3 (1978)
  • Visitor's Day by Wanda Lybarger, printed in Kessel Run #2 (1981)
  • Desert Seed Series by Carol Mularski (1981-1985)
  • A Leave Taking by Gianna ("Luke's mother at 17, stuck on Tatooine, bored out of her mind, having to deal with her unimaginative brother, Owen, her "genuinely nice" future sister-in-law, Beru and her recalcitrant mother.") printed in Combining Forces #3 (1982)
  • Sundering by Jeanine Hennig, printed in Shadowstar #15 (1984)
  • Nothing Ever Happens by Carolyn Cooper, printed in From a Certain Point of View #1 (1985)
  • Pavane for a Dead Princess by Ellen Randolph (1986)
  • Changeling by Matthew Whitney ("The child of Owen and Beru Lars had died at birth, but now Owen's brother, Ben Kenobi, approached them with a desperate request—that they foster the newborn son of Anakin Skywalker and pass the babe as their own."), printed in A Tremor in the Force #4 (1988)
  • There Are No Rainbows on Tatooine by Ellen Randolph, printed in Sanctuary (1988)
  • Beru by Ming Wathne in Bright Center of the Universe #4 (1993)
  • Tatooine Morning by Sinead Reilly ("Gives you the opportunity to eavesdrop on a conversation between Owen and Beru Lars about their foster son."), printed in I Care #1 (1998)

Fan Art


Fan Works

Beru Whitesun at AO3


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