Andrea Harrison

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Name: Andrea Harrison
Occupation: Civil rights lawyer
Relationships: Amy Harrison (sister)
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Other: played by Laurie Holden
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Andrea Harrison is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and was portrayed by actress Laurie Holden in the AMC television series of the same name.



TV Show

In Season One of the TV show Andrea is close friends with Dale Horvath and has a somewhat strained relationship with her sister Amy Harrison. After Amy is killed in a walker attack at the quarry where the group is staying Andrea becomes depressed enough that she contemplates committing suicide by dying in the explosion at the CDC. Something that Dale talks her out of but causes tension between them in Season Two.

During Season Two Andrea develops a bond with Shane Walsh and the two eventually hook up while out on a run. She also has a bit of a confrontation with Maggie Greene after she leaves a suicidal Beth Greene by herself. At the end of Season Two, Andrea finds herself alone from the group after the farm is overrun. Only to be saved from walkers by Michonne.

In Season Three Michonne and Andrea after having spent months together are shown to be close friends. Something that eventually hits complications when they make it to Woodbury and Andrea falls under Philip Blake's spell. At the end of the Season, Andrea has to commit suicide after getting bit rather than facing the possibility of turning.



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  • Death: Andrea's untimely death in Season Three created some backlash amongst the fans. Especially since her character was a pivotal one in the comics with her relationship with Rick Grimes.


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