Andrea Harrison Appreciation Week

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Name: Andrea Harrison Appreciation Week
Date(s): January 25 - 31, 2015
Moderator(s): reidsprentiss
Founder: reidsprentiss
Type: gif sets, fan edits, fan vids
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Associated Community:
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Andrea Harrison Appreciation Week was a fanweek, prompt based challenge dedicated to the The Walking Dead character Andrea Harrison. Part of the reason for the challenge was to bring better and more positive content to the character's tag on Tumblr.


  • Day 1: favourite episode
  • Day 2: favourite quote(s)
  • Day 3: favourite relationship
  • Day 4: favourite walker kill scene
  • Day 5: favourite quote or song that reminds you andrea
  • Day 6: favourite scene/moment
  • Day 7: anything you want

Example Fanworks