Alpha: 2012 -- A Space: 1999 Event

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Name: Alpha: 2012 -- A Space: 1999 Event
Dates: September 14–16, 2012
Frequency: once
Location: Burbank, CA
Focus: Space: 1999
Founding Date: 2012
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Although The International Space: 1999 Alliance was shuttered in 1999 following the Breakaway convention in 1999, former President Rose Marie Badgett, with Paul Bens, Rebecca Eisenhuth, Karen A. (name withheld for known privacy concerns) and Paul Stankevitch, decided to hold a USA convention under the same principles championed by the Alliance.

This convention was called Alpha: 2012—A Space: 1999 Event.

It was held September 14–16, 2012 - Burbank Airport Marriott, Burbank, California - Guests: Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Prentis Hancock, Anton Phillips, Nick Tate, Judy Geeson and writer Christoper Penfold. On the evening before the convention began, Landau cancelled due to P.R. responsibilities for Tim Burton's "Frankenweenie." However, on Saturday, September 15, Landau surprised fans when he strolled into the lobby of the hotel in order to attend. Although they did not appear together, Landau and Bain appeared on the same days, two hours apart. Charity: Multiple Sclerosis and Pet Friends. Donation: $15,000.00 Attendance: 135 fans


  • A 70 foot long and 7 foot high collage "Wall" of approximately 160 high-quality mini-posters were specifically printed for the convention and attached to the ballroom hall using velcro. The stars, including Landau and Bain, autographed nearly one third of the posters which were auctioned at the end of the con to the highest bidders to benefit the charity. The "Wall Auction" accounted for nearly half of the final charity donation.
  • Former Alliance President Fitzgerald donated her entire Space: 1999 collection—which included rare original scripts and many vintage toys—to the charity auction. One original script for the series one episode "The Testament of Arkadia"—autographed by stars in attendance and other stars at past conventions—went for $1050.00. The next highest script went for $900.
  • Actor Prentis Hancock (Controller Paul Morrow) greeting Martin Landau (Commander John Koenig) in the hotel lobby by saying "Hello, Commander." It was the first time they had seen each other since 1974.
  • While all past Alliance cons provided con-goers with a printed post-con report free of charge after each convention, Alpha: 2012 provided (again, free of charge) a professionally shot, edited and authored DVD set comprised of 3 video DVDs and 1 photo DVD to each attending member and each supporting member.

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