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Name: Ahadi
Relationships: Mufasa - Son
Scar (Taka) - Son
Uru - Mate
Fandom: The Lion King
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Ahadi is a semi-canonical character in the universe of The Lion King whose first and only appearance is in The Lion King: Six New Adventures.

Source Material

Ahadi is shown to be a former King of the Pridelands and Mufasa and Scar's father. Regarding his appearance, there is a well known contradiction between the text description and the illustration, with the former describing him as having a black mane and green eyes (similar to his son Taka), and the latter portraying him as having a red (the colours aren't entirely accurate to the film, shown through Mufasa's mane looking brown rather than the red of the film. Hence Ahadi's is also likely red despite also appearing brown) mane colour and reddish-brown eye colour, and overall more closely resembles his son Mufasa.


Because of the disparity between the text and the illustrations, Ahadi's appearance differs quite drastically in fanworks, most obviously in fanart. Depending on which version of his appearance fans use for him will usually also impact their headcanons for the appearance of his mate Uru, in large part because Mufasa and Scar looks so different from one another.