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Name: Ahadi
Occupation: King or Prince Consort of the Pridelands
Relationships: Mufasa - Son
Scar - Son
Uru - Mate
Fandom: The Lion King
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Ahadi is a semi-canonical character in the larger universe of The Lion King whose first and only appearance is in The Lion King: Six New Adventures. He is a former King or Prince Consort (depending on the fanon), of the Pridelands, as well as being Uru's mate and the father of Mufasa and Scar. Though not an official character, existing only in a tie-in book series that was jossed a few years later by Simba's Pride, the fandom consistently accepts him as Mufasa and Scar's father.

He frequently shows up in fanworks, although Ahadi's characterization and appearance in the fandom varies widely due to contradictions between the text and the illustration in his one appearance. Headcanons surrounding him are often angsty, usually involving his relationships with his sons, mate, or parents.


Though he only physically appears in a single semi-canonical source, Ahadi is very briefly referenced in the original film when Mufasa tells Simba about 'something his father once told [him]', informing the audience Ahadi was the one to tell his son about the Great Kings of the Past. In Six New Adventures, Ahadi is shown to have differing relationships with his sons. His relationship with Scar is seemingly strained, with Scar eventually accusing him of preferring Mufasa.


Regarding his appearance, there is a well known contradiction between the textual description of Ahadi and the illustration. The former describes him as having a black mane and green eyes, similar to his son Scar, and the latter portrays him with a red/brown mane and reddish-brown eye colour to more closely resemble his son Mufasa. The colours of the illustration aren't entirely accurate to the film, as Mufasa's mane looks brown rather than the red of the film, meaning Ahadi's is also likely intended to be red despite also appearing brown.


Because of the disparity between the text and the illustrations, Ahadi's appearance can differs quite drastically in fanworks, most obviously in fanart. Depending on which version of his appearance fans use for him, it will usually also impact their headcanons for the appearance of his mate Uru, in large part because Mufasa and Scar look so different from one another.

The most common interpretation is black mane/green eyes/yellow fur, a design that's highly influenced by DJCoulz's design from around 2009. The design gives Ahadi an overall body and facial structure reminiscent of Scar with yellow fur and large size matching Mufasa. His artwork also gives Ahadi the thinner and curved downward outlander nose versus the flat and rounded pridelander nose. Though DJCoulz's first Ahadi design appears to have been uploaded in 2006, the more refined look from roughly 2009 is the one that gained popularity. A comparison between the two designs can be seen here. Thanks to the popularity of this design, DJCoulz's artwork of Ahadi is occasionally confused for official art.[1]

Even in personality, Ahadi can differ substantially from fanwork to fanwork. In some, Ahadi is a kind ruler and in others he's a tyrant. Sometimes Ahadi is maliciously abusive toward Scar and sometimes he's merely negligent (usually in contrast to his treatment of Mufasa) or even supportive. Fandom is also undecided on whether Ahadi or his mate Uru is the the offspring of Mohatu,[2][3] with no obvious skew towards either side. If a fan doesn't headcanon Ahadi as Mohatu's son, he will often be headcanoned as the son of the Selfish Lion, due to the unnamed lion's strong resemblance to Scar, and often a rogue who comes across the Pridelands.


Common Tropes and Themes

  • Angst - Given the loose nature of the canon surrounding him, works about Ahadi often center around angst between him and his sons or give him an angsty backstory.
  • Neglect or Abuse of Scar - In fandom, Ahadi's relationship with Scar is sometimes portrayed as being neglectful or even abusive.



  • The Legacy of Ahadi, the first story in the Chronicles of the Pride Lands series. The story's original name was itself Chronicles of the Pride Lands, until this became the name for the series.



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