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RPF Fandom
Name(s): My Chemical Romance (MCR, My Chem)
Scope/Focus: Core band in Bandom
Date(s): 2001-
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My Chemical Romance is a punk-rock band from New Jersey that is part of the core Bandom bands, despite never being signed to Fueled by Ramen or Decaydance. The band was created in 2001 and broke up on March 22, 2013.

Band members Gerard Way (vocals), Mikey Way (bass), Frank Iero (rhythm guitar), and Ray Toro (lead guitar) are all featured prominently in fanfiction and other fanworks, as is ex-drummer Bob Bryar, who left the band in 2010, and Brian Schechter, the band's old tour manager.

Additionally, Matt Cortez, the band's guitar tech; Matt Pelissier, the band's original drummer from 2001-2004; and Alicia Simmons, Lyn-Z Ballato, and Jamia Nestor, wives of Mikey, Gerard, and Frank respectively, are also often featured, as are a variety of members of other Bandom bands. Matt Cortez has also filled in for Mikey Way, during part of their touring schedule after the release of The Black Parade, and for Frank Iero. Other touring band members included Mike Pedicone (drums, 2010-2011), Jarrod Alexander (drums, 2011-2013) and James Dewees (keyboards). Ray's wife is mentioned less often, probably because she has less of a public profile.

See Wikipedia for more detail.

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MCR and Fandom

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history of band within fandom: rise, popularity, decline? + fourth wall relationship cf Interview on fanfiction [1]


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Tropes and AUs

Common tropes occuring in MCR fanworks can be devided between canon and fanon tropes, though of course these might interact and overlap within one story:


The band's dramatic albums and music videos offer fans richly detailed universes in which to play, giving birth to distinctive genres such as:

Other common tropes originating in canon include:

  • Mental health issues, as several band members discussed battling depression and other conditions,[8]
  • Alcohol and substance abuse as well as working towards sobriety, often linked to the previous trope,[9][10]
  • Hurt/Comfort stories, often with Frank as the hurt character due to his canon fragile health and frequent injuries,[11]
  • Crossdressing, either as a one-off or as a lifestyle choice, based on Gerard mentionning dressing in drag for a day at college and an interview where the band discusses putting on makeup,[12]
  • Artist!Gerard (based on his background in visual arts and release of his Umbrella Academy comic).[13]


Common fanon tropes include:


In addition to the intra-band ships, frequent crossover pairings occur:

  • Pete/Mikey, where Mikey is shipped with Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz after an intense friendship made when touring in the 2005 Vans Warped Tour, now dubbed The Summer of Like,[30]
  • Bert/Gerard: in a number of early MCR fics, Gerard is shipped with Bert McCracken of The Used, or Bert features as a vilain due to their falling out,[31]
  • Mikey/Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship, due to their canon acquaintance and some pictures of them hanging out,[32]
  • Bob/Patrick Stump due to their brief time as roommates,[33]
  • Frank and Gerard (+ wives) have also been shipped with Grant Morrison in various permutations, due to his friendship with Gerard and appearance in the Danger Days videos as the villain character Korse.[34]

Wank and Controversy

Personally? I think that the fact that middle schoolers will look at a picture of two boys kissing and say "hot!" instead of "eww!" is fucking amazing. That is awesome. And MCR and FOB didn't come around to take advantage of that – they created that.

Even with all those screaming fans, though, our band boys constantly get shit for acting "gay." Constantly! Magazines, TV shows, smug radio hosts, guys in bars, people on the street, bloggers, all of them smirk and call these guys big queers. There are many, many men and boys who will not get into their music because those bands are so fucking gay. Recently, at Download, MCR were getting heavily bottled by angry metal fans, and someone up front yelled, "Faggots!" In response to which Frank Iero stalked up to Gerard Way, grabbed his hair, and stuck his tongue down his throat while he was trying to sing. (This is not an exaggeration.) Consistently, over and over again, My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy have responded to "fags!" with "hell yeah, motherfucker, now deal with it." They don't say, "No, but we're really straight!"[35]

  • Fourth wall issues: people sending fanfic to them, writing about non-famous Wives (Alicia, Lyn-Z and Jamia are all somewhat famous in their own right, but Christa isn't), the fanfic interview where Ray praises the fans' creativity and Mikey objects to the incest fic. See: Bandom and the Fourth Wall.

Fandom Communities


Note that Livejournal-based communities have sharply declined in activity, both due to fandom's relocation/dispersal to AO3, dreamwidth, tumblr etc, and due to the band breaking up.

News and Discussion


Fic Finders






  2. in sickness and in health by mwestbelle: WWII AU in which Bob married his fallen comrade's wife out of duty, but Frank is not so fallen.
  3. Nightswimming by waxjism actually includes a reference to a character breaking his foot "by jumping out the second floor," as per the song lyrics.
  4. The Holly Golightly Club by fluffontop: High School AU based on the "I'm Not OK" video
  5. The Rise and Fall of the Black Parade by wordslinging, podfic by argentumlupine
  6. Party and Fun Cosplay by Maru_Light
  7. And the Embers Never Fade by turps: A story set in the Killjoys universe. About love, trust, and finding the people you need.
  8. Tints of Rainbow Hue by turps: Mikey deals with his brother's depression.
  9. Skin of the Canvas by sinsense includes several scenes touching on Gerard's addictions (discussion of his alcoholism & being in the AA program, scenes with his sponsor) and vividly depicts social anxiety.
  10. The Year of Living Safely by Stele3: Post-sobriety MCR.
  11. yobrothatssick, a 2011 Livejournal-based challenge dedicated entirely to sick!Frank stories
  12. Hang On To Yourself by brooklinegirl, based on Gerard's quote in a Rolling Stone interview: Glam became about the kid in the room, the poster on the wall, putting on a women's short fur coat and eyeliner, with no shirt on, just listening to this music.
  13. Conclusions by Bexless: In this universe, MCR never existed. Gerard threw himself into art instead of music after 9/11, Frank owns an indie record label, and Ray is a studio musician.
  14. Absence Sort of Does Make the Heart by cimorene: Bob is a sound engineer, Ray is a guitar teacher
  15. I Am a Patient Boy by onelittlesleep: So this is an AU about Gerard being a girl named Helen (after her...grandmother?) and Frank being sort of, head over heels.
  16. Away With The Boys In The Band by inlovewithnight: Behind the Music: My Chemical Romance, in the world where Mikey has always been a girl.
  17. You Can Find Out First Hand by 7iris, Podfic by falter: This isn't the first time Mikey's woken up in a different bunk than he fell asleep in. This isn't even the first time he's woken up in a different body. It's the first time he's woken up with tits, though.
  18. Buy Handmade by jjtaylor, where Gerard sells his art on Etsy.
  19. Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency by jjtaylor where Frank is a vampire and Dewees a zombie
  20. An Inexplicable Occurrence of Angels by Stele3 where Frank is a fallen Angel
  21. The Anatomy of a Fall by novembersmith in which Frank is a ghost
  22. The Scene is Dead by Synchronik: horror/dark fic where the band tries to survive a zombie apocalypse
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