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Name: Frank Anthony Iero Jr
Also Known As: Frankie
Occupation: Musician (rhythm guitarist of My Chemical Romance, lead singer of Leathermouth)
Medium: Music
Works: My Chemical Romance Discography, Leathermouth Discography
Official Website(s): Wikipedia page, My Chemical Romance Official Site, Leathermouth Official Site
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Frank Iero is the rhythm guitarist of American alternative rock band My Chemical Romance, one of the bands that constitute the Bandom canon. He also fronts post-hardcore punk band Leathermouth (often written as LeATHERMØUTH), providing lyrics and lead vocals.

Born on October 31st, 1981 in New Jersey, Frank is well-known for his love of his home state, and even has a tattoo of the initials "NJ" on the inside of his lower lip. He frequently suffered from bronchitis as a child, and his generally poor immune system has often prevented him from playing shows. He is also lactose intolerant and allergic to many foods.

His parents divorced when he was a child, and he was brought up by his mother, although he still had contact with his father. Both Frank's father and grandfather were musicians, and were big influences on him. His father encouraged him to play drums, but Frank instead chose to take up the guitar.

He was involved in many different punk bands from the age of 11 onwards. His first major band was Pencey Prep, who were signed to Eyeball Records and released on album, Heartbreak In Stereo, before disbanding. Frank attended Rutgers University on a scholarship, majoring in Psychology, but dropped out to join My Chemical Romance. He has said in interviews that MCR were one of his favourite bands, and being asked to join them was a huge honour for him.

He married his long-time girlfriend Jamia Nestor in 2007, with whom he co-founded the independent record label Skeleton Crew. Architects, sometimes considered another member of Bandom, were first signed to this label.

Frank and Jamia have three children; twins Cherry and Lily, born in 2010, and son Miles, born in 2012.

Tattoos and other trademarks

Frank Iero has many tattoos [1] including logos for the bands Black Flag and The Misfits, symbols of his love for his home state, New Jersey, a pumpkin relating to his Halloween birthday, a matching 'revenge' tattoo with James Dewees and others by acclaimed tattoo artist Kat Von D: a Frankenstein's monster and portraits of his grandmothers and grandfather, all of which were featured in Von D's book High Voltage Tattoo and the latter of which was done on an episode of her reality show LA Ink in which Iero featured. In the aforementioned book, Von D states that she was present at Iero's wedding indicating that the two have remained close friends.

He is also known for wearing fingerless gloves decorated with skeleton hands, and his white Gibson Les Paul guitar named Pansy. He collaborated with Epiphone to produce the Wilshire Phant-O-Matic, his own custom guitar.

Depiction in Fanon

Frank is often shown as excitable, hyperactive and overly friendly, with little regard to personal space. Being quite short in real life (around 5'4"), his height is regularly mentioned in fanfiction, along with his under-performing immune system. He is occasionally described as being very neat and hygiene-conscious. He usually plays the guitar, owns a dog (or, if not, very much wants one) and is most commonly paired with MCR bandmate Gerard Way as the Frerard pairing.


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