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Name: Gerard Arthur Way
Also Known As: Gee
Occupation: Musician (lead vocalist of My Chemical Romance), Comic Book Writer
Medium: Music, Comics
Works: My Chemical Romance Discography, The Umbrella Academy
Official Website(s): Wikipedia page, My Chemical Romance Official Site
Fan Website(s):
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Gerard Way was the lead singer of American alternative rock band My Chemical Romance, one of the bands that constitute the Bandom canon.

Depiction in Fanon

Gerard is often shown as introverted (living in his parents's basement and rarely leaving it), and/or totally immersed in his creative work to the point where he forgets to eat (or sleep) and disregards the time of day. Many stories also include him lacking in personal hygiene and generally being untidy. When not written as a singer in MCR, he is most commonly made to be a (struggling or successful) artist: a painter or comic book writer. Many stories focus on Gerard's alcohol and drug addiction and his struggle with depression. Gerard is shown to be passionate and often outspoken about art and social issues (especially gender stereotyping). He is the most likely member of the band to be written as very (academically) knowledgable of these topics. He and his brother Mikey are usually depicted as fans of comics, horror, fantasy and scifi films, roleplaying and of course music. In the very popular Highschool AUs, Gerard commonly is a "loner", a victim of bullying, and/or "the gothic kid" if he is still in school, or he is Mikey's "cool" older brother who goes/went to college.

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