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Synonyms: Crossdressing for justice
Related: Kink
See Also: Genderfuck, Genderswap, Transfic
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Crossdressing refers to characters dressing as members of the "opposite" sex or gender. It is used comedically, as a plot device and as a kink, both sexualized and not, in fanworks and in canon.

In some cases a character is actually trying to pass as a member of the other sex, and fool people. This is often seen in stories of women dressing as men to take a job or take part in some adventure that would otherwise be denied them. Coffee Prince uses the trope as its main plot device, as does Ouran High School Host Club. Women dressing as boys is a common device in Shakespeare's comedies. In other cases, the character crossdresses only occasionally, either for some plot-related reason or as part of kink play.

The phrase cross-dressing for justice usually refers to works in which the character is undercover as a woman in order to FIGHT CRIME. It may have originated in DC Comics fandom, where people cross-dress for justice a lot.


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