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Name: thingswithwings
Alias(es): Megan, T'wings
Type: fan writer, vidder, podficcer, essayist, community moderator
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Good Omens, LotRPS, Leverage, Psych, Sherlock Holmes, Mythbusters RPF
Communities: Kink Bingo with eruthros, myth_confirmed with Toft, holmes_watson with Toft
URL: @ dreamwidth
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Thingswithwings came to fandom in the nineties through The X Files, and since then has spent time in Lotrips and SGA. She currently writes in a number of smaller fandoms, including Sherlock Holmes and Mythbusters RPF. She is a co-mod of Kink Bingo with eruthros, and is a prolific meta-poster within fandom on kink and other subjects.

She and eruthros were outspoken opponents of the fanfiction survey which became the subject of surveyfail, after being contacted in their capacity as co-mods of Kink Bingo by the survey's authors in August 2009.[1]

Notable Works


But Where Would They Live? and The Dreams That You Dare To Dream, crack McKay/Sheppard in which Rodney is a unicorn, John is a rainbow, Teyla is a dolphin, and Ronon is a breeze.

Frequently cited as proof that SG:A fandom is unsurpassed in its concentration of crack.

Always Should Be Someone You Really Love, McShep, genderfuck, in which both McKay and Sheppard are turned into women.

Often discussed in meta on genderfuck, this story addressed a number of genderfuck tropes the author found troubling. [2]

A Beginner's Guide to Vulcan Sexual Practices, by Captain James T. Kirk, Star Trek (2009), Kirk/Spock.

Written in response/protest to a community, kinkfreezone[3], whose list of disallowed 'kinks' in fic to be posted there, due to the misapplication of a list of 'fandom kinks' written by someone else for another purpose, included such things as 'eye contact'. The story explores the meaning of the concept of 'kink', with both characters coming to the realization that anything can be kinky to anyone, including the total absence of 'kinks'.


The Glass, multifandom.

A meta vid which takes its central metaphor from Henry Jenkins' well-known commentary on Spock's notoriously slashy death scene from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, "slash is what happens when you take away the glass."[4]

One-Night Fandoms, vid made with eruthros.

A tribute to Yuletide in vid form, this is surely one of the most 'multi' multifandom vids of all time, drawing from over one hundred rare fandoms.

a lieutenant colonel is being beaten, SGA

Vid commenting on aspects of John Sheppard's character and (fanon and canon) characterization.


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