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Synonyms: analysis
See also: Metadiscussion, Metafandom, Metafic
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Meta is a Greek word indicating a concept which is an abstraction from another concept, used to complete or add to the latter.

In fandom, particularly LiveJournal-based fandom, meta is used to describe a discussion of fanworks of all kinds, fan work in relation to the source text, fanfiction characters and their motivation and psychology, fan behavior, or fandom itself.

Meta or a meta essay can also be a fan-authored piece of non-fiction writing that discusses any of the above topics.

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In fanworks

Sometimes fanworks themselves become metafic, where characters within the text comment on canon or fandom. Back when RPF was rare, some people called any story meta where the characters and the actors for those characters interacted.

In vids, the tag meta is occasionally used when images of fans appear along with images of characters, but the term metavid is more commonly used to describe a vid that comments on a specific show, or its fandom, or fandom as a whole.

Meta: Breaking the Fourth Wall

  • As Lucid as Hell[1], a popslash story by Sandy the Older, set in "The Popslash Works In Progress Dorm" where the characters talk about the stories they're characters in, and complain about how slow their authors are.
  • In Wendi Jeff and Saundra Mitchell's H:LOTS story Permanently Offline, the actual show's characters were the "real characters" working for the Baltimore PD, having to deal with the actors, and the fans, of a popular show based on their activities.
  • Gus Goes For The Gold Star[2], a slash Psych story by Liviapenn, is a Yuletide story about Gus writing a Yuletide story -- meta and recursive, both!

Meta: Fans on Fandom

Meta Zines

Meta Communities

  • 2002: The Metablog noticeboard community provided a central place to post links to "blogs and LJs that discuss issues of importance to fandom." Metaquotes community provides the lighter side.
  • 2007: The meta_roundup community on InsaneJournal compiles links to ""fannish stuff of interest" on InsaneJournal exclusively.

Meta Resources


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