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Journal Community
Name: Demolition Lovers
Date(s): 1 June 2005-last updated 17 March 2014?
Moderator: beatpropx, xoverau
Founder: xoverau
Type: fanfic
Fandom: My Chemical Romance

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yeahchemical aka Demolition Lovers (a reference to the last song on the album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love) was an early (but not the first) My Chemical Romance fanfiction community on LiveJournal. The account was created on 1 June 2005, shortly before the start of The Summer of Like. As of October 2016, the community has 1,283 posts; 14,959 comments; and 86 members. The comm was friendslocked and adults-only.

According to the community profile, the comm was intended for posting slash and gen, including incestfic. Picspams, recs, possibly file sharing, and other posts of interest to the community were also allowed. Tinhatting was explicitly prohibited.

There was a membership cap of 100, and mods sometimes booted inactive users to make room for others.[1]

The comm may have been created because of dissatisfaction with the level of fic quality at mychemicalslash.[2][3]

damnyouwentz was modeled on this comm, and a few fics later reposted to AO3 mention the community.


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