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Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Alternative name(s): Waycest
Gender category: m/m sibling incest
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
Canonical?: no
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Waycest is the popular term used by many Bandom fans to describe the slash relationship between the brothers Gerard and Mikey Way, respectively the singer and bass player in the band My Chemical Romance.

History & Popularity

The origin of the ship is likely the fact that they are close in real life. Note that the canon information available also inspired gen fanworks and fanworks in which their relationship is depicted as platonic: see Gerard & Mikey Way.

Waycest is a relatively popular ship in MCR fandom. It is the second most popular ship for both Mikey and Gerard, with 356 occurrences of the pairing tag appearing on AO3 as of Sept 13, 2014.[1]

Waycest also occurs as a threesome or OT3 pairing, most often involving Frank, or as part of wider GSF.

Mikey Way said during an Australian radio interview that he had found waycest fanfic on the internet.[2] Some of the fanfic may have been deleted or locked as a result (however, a lot of old livejournal posts and accounts have since been deleted for unrelated reasons). See also Bandom and the Fourth Wall.


Example Fanworks


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  2. youtube link, 2007? coleslaws created a gifset of the interview and posted it on tumblr in 2012[1].