Jean Lorrah

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Name: Jean Lorrah
Type: writer
Fandoms: Star Trek, Blake's 7
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Jean Lorrah is a writer and editor of fan fiction and pro novels. Jean was also a frequent Guest of Honor at cons.

Her Star Trek writing includes the NTM-universe and Kraith. The first NTM-verse zine was The Night of the Twin Moons, published in 1976.

Her collaborations with Jacqueline Lichtenberg include the Sime~Gen shared universe, in which both write profic novels.

Star Trek pro books by Jean Lorrah are: The Vulcan Academy Murders, The IDIC Epidemic, "Survivors", and "Metamorphosis."

She was one of the hosts of the Writing for Fanzines workshop.


Fan Fiction Policy

"According to a post by Kiri Aradia Morgan to the mailing list,, dated June 3, 2001, Jacqueline Lichtenberg does not tolerate fan fiction or RPGs written based on her work." [1]


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