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Issue 71

A Piece of the Action 71 was published in March 1979 and contains 8 pages.

first page of issue #71
  • the editors report that: "round the clock security forces bolstered by FBI agents have insured that the most widely anticipated movie in years is shrouded in 100 percent secrecy... 'Fans of the Star Trek TV series will be fascinated with all the sophisticated weapons we've developed,' says Gene Roddenberry." Seeing how many fans were disappointed with the movie for its focus on hardware rather than interpersonal relationships, the latter statement is somewhat ironic.
  • the mailroom reports it received 67 letters
  • the shrinking newsletter has another effect: "Due to STW's financial situation and to communications difficulties with various departments, Laura R. Virgil and Cheree Cargill will no longer be serving as editors of 'A Piece of the Action,' as of this issue. From this point on, please send any materials to KathE Donnelly and Karolyn Popovich."
  • an lengthy con announcement for "Brookcon" which was to be in Brookings, SD in June 1979; this con was eventually cancelled
  • a list of items being sold by the STW for their auction: three interesting items were the first Star Trek pro book ever published ("Mission to Horatius," a children's book predating "Spock Must Die!") and Connie Faddis' Stardate Time Line, and a button that says "Zaid Kwazhi Ta Eredanyee" (supposedly Tholian for "Never Trust a Federate.")

Issue 72

A Piece of the Action 72 was published in April 1979 and contains 8 pages.

first page of issue #72

Issue 73

A Piece of the Action 73 was published in May 1979 and contains 8 pages.

first page of issue #73
  • a letter from Robert A. Heinlein is reprinted: its subject is "The L-5 Society" whose sole purpose is to found the first colony in space
  • a report that Leonard Nimoy hurt his thumb in a woodworking accident at home and had to have 12 stitches
  • some miscellaneous ads and a listing of items for round four of the STW auction

Issue 74

A Piece of the Action 74 was published in June 1979 and contains 8 pages.

first page of issue #74
  • a very humorous report by Jean Airey of her experiences leading a dorky, uninformed reporter around a Star Trek convention in either Columbus or Cleveland
  • Dear Grace Lee answers two questions: "Are there Klingons in the new movie?" and when fans can purchase her new album
  • an ad for Echoes of the Empire #2
  • round 6 of the STW auction, items were nine fanzines and one poster

Issue 75

A Piece of the Action 75 was published in July 1979 and contains 8 pages.

first page of issue #75
  • a fan has submitted an ad with Leonard Nimoy advertising a new product called a "beeper" -- "WIth a Beeper, you'll be in total touch for up the minute messages. That means you'll know right away about last minute scheduling changes, new appointments, and critical decisions that require your immediate attention."
  • an ad for To See Thee Smile
  • round seven of the STW auction includes eight zines, some blueprints and some birthday cards
  • a long letter from Shirley Maiewski that addresses the problems the STW is having—mainly that of declining funds, declining letters, and the loss of "some very important members for various reasons... We have carried on for many years, and I feel we have helped bring Star Trek back as much or more than anyone else and we should all be proud of that. I want STW to continue. I hope you do, too."
  • Dear Grace Lee answers three questions, one to do with her hair, one about William Shatner's appearance, and one that asks who her favorite character in the movie is

Issue 76

A Piece of the Action 76 was published in Aug/Sept 1979 and contains 16 pages.

first page of issue #76
  • a long, long con report for the Cleveland Star Trek Convention (April 20–22, 1979) by Mary E. Cowan, see that page
  • an ad for Interstat and a full-page ad for Star Con Denver
  • a report by a fan, Denny Arnold, called "A Visit to the Star Trek Sets"
  • ads for the zines Sahsheer and Echoes of the Empire #4
  • a half-page ad for a "Science Fiction/Science Fact" con over Thanksgiving weekend in Albany, New York, guests were to be Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Isaac Asimov, Hal Clement, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ted Sturgeon and Jesco von Puttkamer
  • an article about the "C and L P Department" of the STW: it has the function of "aiding people in finding materials to use in putting on their own Star Trek programs and displays in libraries and colleges"
  • lists for round 8 and 9 of the STW auction, the items of both consist of fanzines

Issue 77

A Piece of the Action 77 was published in October 1979 and contains 8 pages.

first page of issue #77
  • the editor notes that the trend in conventions now is to have scientists and "political types -- people like members of Congress who might be influential in helping the space program. Fandom is maturing, it seems, as we realize that if we want the future that Star Trek represents, we have to begin to work for it now."
  • a con report for Star Con Denver '79, see that page
  • a con report for SeaCon/WorldCon
  • a con report Star Trekon '79, see that page
  • Shirley Maiewski reports that some members of STW were a little shaken up by the report in the last issue and promised to do a better job of communication
  • a flyer for "Hadows" a Science Fiction and Fantasy zine out of Oklahoma
  • a flyer from the World Space Federation that urges fans to support the space program
  • round ten of the auction features ten fanzines

Issue 78

A Piece of the Action 78 was published in November 1979 and contains 8 pages.

first page of issue #78
  • a fan reports on a con from yore, the first British Star Trek Con held in November 1974
  • a con report for Star Trek America and August Party '79, for the latter, see that page
  • a fan shows off her detail-orientation while at a con at the Statler Hilton in September: "While in attendance... I had occasion to go across to Penn Station to view the monitor promoting ST:TMP. This is a 7-minute slide show displaying scenes of the new movie as well as background information... Paramount set up this monitor and it was always well-attended. However, I noticed an error in the narration... 'The 431 crew members of the Enterprise..." I think this was a rather obvious oversight as we all know that there are 432 members aboard our favorite starship."
  • a list of the items in round eleven of the STW auction, all of the items are zines

Issue 79

A Piece of the Action 79 was published in December 1979 and contains 8 pages.

first page of issue #79
  • the DeForest Kelley Association of Fans, after three and a half years of service, has been disbanded
  • there is a (poorly named) con called "NonCon" proposed: it was to be a "nonconventional convention for fans, friends, and admirers of Mark Lenard." It was sponsored by the Mark Lenard International Fan Club and was to be held August 8–9, 1980 in Tallahassee
  • there is a short blurb reminding fans what fandom was like in 1974 and mentions merchandise for sale and news of the stars of the time
  • round twelve of the auction has eight zines, one puzzle and some color stills

Issue 80

A Piece of the Action 80 was published in was published in Jan/Feb 1980 and contains 16 pages.

first page of issue #80
  • a report by a fan who went to the movie premiere; she mentions all the BNFs that were there: Bjo Trimble, Joan Winston, Devra Langsam, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Allan Asherman, and Elyse Rosenstein
  • a page of blurbs by fans who say what they think about the movie: all fans who wrote in appeared to have LOVED it, or liked it
  • there is a list of the various services that the Welcommittee provides:
    • Area List
    • STW Blind Services
    • Club Consultants
    • College and Library Programming
    • CONsultants
    • Foreign Department
    • Military Fan Liaison
    • Library Computer
    • Newsclipping Service
    • Pen Pal Department
    • Star Trek Educational Department
    • Star Trek Education Programs
    • Zine Acquisition Consultant
    • Zine Publishing Information
    • STW Services/Consultants/Specialists
    • Space & Future Resources
  • a complaint/warning by Jean Lorrah about a current chain letter
  • an ad for The Captain's Woman
  • a listing of Round 13 of the STW auction: ten zines, and Round 14: five zines, one storyboard for the animated "Yesteryear," and two scripts
  • the movie premiere is imminent:
    We fans have kept the faith for a long time - ten YEARS since Star Trek was cancelled by NBC. Ten years of patience, work and hope that one day we would again enjoy new Star Trek material in visual form. Fan clubs, conventions, fan art and writing - all have helped to keep Star Trek alive. Many people who never saw the TV show during Prime Time have become loyal fans through reruns, joining those who have been here since the very beginning! Now the movie is finally here - or will be soon. Each of us will have an opinion about it. Many will be thrilled, some may be disappointed - especially those who are upset by change. Some will say it doesn't reflect enough change - those made by fans in their writings. Serious consideration, of course, will make everyone realize the movie has not been made for a limited group of fan writers and fanzine readers, but instead was made for the general public. It was made for those millions out there who include avid fans; "Closet Trekkers"; people who have heard about Star Trek from friends or relatives or from reading of it in the media - and - the general movie-going public. These millions and their dollars are the reason Paramount has made the movie, but still we KNOW it was our efforts, our loyalty, our pressure that made it all come true. We can also hope that if the movie is successful there are sure to be sequels - nothing begats sequels like success. Meanwhile - ENJOY! We've earned it!!