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Name: Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Type: fan writer & professional writer
Fandoms: Star Trek; created Sime~Gen, Dushau & Kren
URL: website, LJ
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Jacqueline Lichtenberg is, among many other things, a fan turned pro. She is the creator of Kraith and of Sime~Gen. She is also a practicing occultist who has written several books on Tarot cards and astrology.

She was one of the hosts of the Writing for Fanzines workshop.

Fan Fiction Policy

"According to a post by Kiri Aradia Morgan to the mailing list, tml@travellercentral.com, dated June 3, 2001, Jacqueline Lichtenberg does not tolerate fan fiction or RPGs written based on her work." [1]

Lichtenberg and Perceived Ego

In 1979, Jean Lorrah (Lichtenberg's friend and professional and fannish collaborator) wrote of Lichtenberg in Ambrov Zeor #9 in response to a fan's comments about characters in the Sime~Gen universe:
Are Farrises self-centered? Yes, exactly the way Jacqueline Lichtenberg is self-centered. If a neo stumbles across Jacqueline when she is saying she can do the new Trek movie better than Gene Roddenberry, and then encounters her discussing how she plans to change the course of science fiction, then runs into her assertions about copyright and trade marks, and finally sees Jacqueline directing her personal gofers, that neo would undoubtedly decide that Jacqueline is the most self-centered person in the world. Yet Jacqueline is the same person who delayed publication of UNTO [her own book, Unto Zeor Forever] to sell Joan Winston's book to Doubleday; who founded the Star Trek Welcommittee; who gave Kraith to fan writers as a kind of giant writing laboratory; who sold my idea for FIRST CHANNEL to her editor. Self-centered? No, she is the embodiment of Chaucer's clerk, the ideal teacher: "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."...The reason Jacqueline seems so alien to so many people is that she is a non-junct in a junct world.



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