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Title: ST-Phile
Publisher: Juanita Coulson
Editor(s): Kay Anderson & Juanita Coulson
Date(s): 1968 (January) - 1968 (November), reissued by the original publisher in May 1976
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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ST-Phile is a fanzine that contains non-fiction essays about the original show. It is the second Star Trek fanzine ever published. (Spockanalia is the first.) Copies of ST-Phile are very rare and the last reprints were made in the 1980s from crumbling mimeograph stencils.

For similar zines of this era, see List of Star Trek TOS Zines Published While the Show Was Still On the Air.

Issue 1

an issue that was signed by Gene Roddenberry, Leonard Nimoy, and William Shatner, an early example of TPTB's Involvement and Interference
back cover of issue #1, Juanita Coulson
front cover issue #1, Doug Lovenstein

ST-Phile 1 was published in January 1968 and contains 49 pages. The art is by Juanita Coulson, Doug Lovenstein, John D. Berry, Margaret Dominick, Devra Langsam, Charles Rein and Bjo Trimble.

From the editorial of the last reprint of issue #1 in May 1976:
When Star Trek firs went on the air, Kay Anderson and I were well-satisfied members of science fiction fandom. There was no ST fandom, then. As science fiction fans, we were entertained and interested in ST, indulged in extrapolations and speculations (like many ST fans and many sf fans), and decided to put out a fanzine. In 1968, I'd already had sixteen years of experience publishing a science fiction fanzine, so the equipment and the know-how were already mind, Kay and I also decided our ST fanzine would be strictly non-fiction: humor, speculation, verse, art, eye-witness accounts of trips to the set, etc. Our editorial collaboration was difficult, since we live 2000 miles apart, and it took two issues, not one, to get said all we wished to say. But we did it and closed the book and went back to science fiction fandom.
Note from the third, and last, printing of issue #1 in May 1976:
ST-Phile's reappearance is due almost entirely to the persistenace of Devra Langsam, co-editor of the highly regarded Spockanalia. Ever since STP went out of print, Devra has been nagging her readers to nag me to re-issue the fanzine... Many changes have taken place since 1968, not the least of which is an inflation rate beyond the power of the Federation Economic Dept. to control. It is regret I point out the increased price on this reprint edition [$1, plus a quarter for postage]. I must charge more to break even. Sorry... Another change which took place was in the original stencils for STP. For those unfamilar with this problem, I'll explain; mimeograph stencils deteriorate with age and accumulated ink, and these stencils are no exception. It was a nail-biting process to get several of them to reprint at all for this issue -- and they will not take another run. They have literally disintegrated... In one respect, though, the deteriorizaton of the stencils has produced a bonus for this reprint edition. Doug Lovenstein's beautiful cover was buthchered in the electro-stencilling process. So this time, I had the cover professionally printed, finally doing justice to Doug's work, Unfortunately, I can't afford to do that with the whole issue.
  • The Original Star Trek Idea by G. Roddenberry (a version of the ST Writers' Guide) (3)
  • Star Trek: 66-'67 Season by Kay Anderson and the Editors (9)
  • Star Trek Structure by Ruth Berman (10)
  • What Price Knowlege by Bob Vardeman (15)
  • Romanticlerihews by Shirley Meech (17)
  • A Preliminary Study on Vulcan Cultural Evolution by S.M. Hereford (article) (19)
  • Extrapolation by Margaret Dominick (22)
  • Star Trek Materia Medica by Kay Anderson (23)
  • One Ship's Family by Juanita Coulson et al (28)
  • What We Did on Our Visit to Desilu by Bjo Trimble and John Trimble (visit to the set) (33)
  • And One... More... Time by Bjo Trimble (41)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Juanita Coulson

ST-Phile 2 was published in November 1968 and contains 44 pages. There may not be a back cover. Art is by Alicia Austin, Mary Ann Cappa, Juanita Coulson, Margaret Dominick, Carol Lee, Gary Mason, and Rosalind Oberdieck.

From the editorial in issue #2:
Here we go again. For various unhappy reasons, a woeful combination of physical, mechanical and temporal ills, this issue is late. Extremely. My profound apologies to our contributors... Equally, for various reasons this promises to be the last issue of ST-Phile. We certainly have not grown tired of or disenchated with Star Trek, but producing this fanzine has become too much of a chore. The cost can be borne, but the loss of time cannot. Regretfully, we must close up shop. WIth this issue, ST-Phile will mostly pass into history, barring a miracle, not expected to be forthcoming. We have on had a small quantity of ST-Phile #1, if you happen to be missing that issue. I do not anticipate a third printing [there was one!]. My cranking arm couldn't take it.
  • Star Trek: '67-'68 Season by Juanita Coulson (3)
  • What I Did On My Lunch Hour by Ruth Berman (visit to the set) (4)
  • Liberalism in Outer Space by E.A. Oddstad (political structure of the Federation, how member worlds might be affected) (7)
  • the Trouble with Star Trek, a poem by Emily Mullen (11)
  • When You Were Five Years Old, a poem by Shirley Meech (12) (reprinted in The Despatch #20)
  • The Secret Censors by Gary Mason (an account of how Australian television censored the show) (13)
  • Improbability of Vulcan Cyclic Patterns, or Why Put Off Till Next Year What You Could Be Doing Tonight? by Emily Mullen (refuting idea that pon farr occurs only once every seven years) (23)
  • We're Getting the Message, Sir, a poem by Shirley Meech (26)
  • Where It's At by K. Anderson (also in Inside Star Trek #10, #11) (28)
  • The Unity of 'Operation:Annihilate' by Jean Lorrah (answer to Ruth Berman's discussion of the rapidly changing moods in that story in issue 1) (35)
  • Subtle Threads Among the Stars by J.K. Colander (41)
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