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Fan Club
Name: Walter Koenig Fan Club (out of North Carolina)
Dates: 1974-?
Founder(s): Jack Townsend (president), Patty Heylin (vice-president)
Country based in: US
Focus: Walter Koenig
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Walter Koenig Fan Club was the precursor to Walter Koenig Fan Society. Both clubs were endorsed by Koenig and were "official."

In 1977, the club had 300 members.

This fan club had three publications: Chekov's Station and Walter Koenig Fan Club Newsletter, as well as Walter Koenig Fan Club Yearbook (this last publication was sold by New Eye Studio in 1976).

A 1977 Description

The fan club devoted to Walter Koenig was formed in 1974 and is Walter's only official club. There was another club in his honor about eight years ago, but it was disbanded soon after the cancellation of Star Trek on television. Since the continuous airing of Star Trek reruns, the popularity and appeal of Walter Keonig in general, and specifically as Chekov in the series, has grown as has the popularity of the other members of the cast. The club features a quarterly newsletter with information on Walter, his career, Chekov, and Star Trek in general. The club's yearbook is entitled CHEKOV'S STATION and features questions for Walter, poems, artwork, stories, photos and other interesting items for Trekkers in general. The club offers many special contests and keeps members aware of Walter's public appearances and his career. The WKFC is represented at many of the conventions and the club members get the opportunity to meet and talk with their honorary. [1]


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