Chekov's Station (Walter Koenig fiction anthology published by WKFC)

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Title: Chekov's Station
Publisher: Walter Koenig's Fan Club (WKFC), out of North Carolina
Editor(s): Teri Roberts, then Jack Townsend (President) & Patti Heylin (VP)
Date(s): 1974 to at least 1976
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS/Walter Koenig
Language: English
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Chekov's Station is a Star Trek: TOS club zine, a gen collection of letters, photos, articles, letters, art, reviews and some fiction about Walter Koenig.

A newsletter sister zine is Chekov's Station.

Walter Koenig Fan Club Yearbook: 1974

front cover of the 1974 yearly fan club issue, artist is Signe Landon: "Walter Koenig in Three Dimensions"

Chekov's Station (Walter Koenig Fan Club Yearbook) was published in 1974 and contains 44 pages.

  • cover design: "Walter Koenig in Three Dimensions" by Signe Landon (1)
  • A Part of the Whole, poem by Jeff Johnston, art by Signe Landon (3) (previously published in Spectrum)
  • A Word from Walter, art by C. Taylor (4)
  • New from Jack (5)
  • Meeting from W.K.F.C. Staff members (6)
  • artwork -- Jack Townsend (7)
  • photos contributed by Ruth Berman (8)
  • Chekov's Ordeal, fiction by Cathy Drew (10)
  • Pen Pals, Debbie Funderburk (15)
  • W.K.F.C. Benefit Horse Show, Susan Houck (15)
  • Puzzle by Jack Townsend (16)
  • artwork by Carol Akelaitis (17)
  • Cryptograms by John Sherchock (17)
  • artwork by Susan Houck (18)
  • Our Guest: Nichelle Nichols by Virginia Walker, NNFC First Officer (19)
  • art by Jack Townsend (20)
  • Questions for Walter, answered by Walter (21)
  • art by Fran Sukhapinda (28)
  • art by Signe Landon (29)
  • photos supplied by Jack Townsend (30)
  • art by Leila McMichael (32)
  • art by Jack Townsend (33)
  • The Imposter, fiction by Karla Steinhoff (34)
  • art by Susan Houck (40)
  • Old Time Article contributed by Patti Heylin (41)
  • fan clubs (42)
  • art by Jack Townsend (43)
  • art by Hanley (44)

Walter Koenig Fan Club Yearbook: April 1976

front cover of the April 1976 yearly fan club issue

Chekov's Station (Walter Koenig Fan Club Yearbook) was published in April 1976 and contains 71 pages.

  • The Miracle by R. Lehrer (fiction)
  • Meet the Members (article)
  • DC Con by J. Townsend (article)
  • Questions for Judy by Judy Koenig (article)
  • Questions for Walter (article)
  • Letter to Fans by Walter Koenig (article)
  • Philly Con by K. Steinhoff (article)
  • Chekov's Command by F. Miller (article)
  • "The Starlost" (review) by J. Townsend
  • Fan Club Listings
  • Pavel Chekov: Reminiscing by J. Townsend (article)
  • Who is Morgan Woodward? by L. Heineman (article)
  • Trip to Star Trek by M. Kunkel (article)
  • The Chekov Syndrome by D. Winslow (article)

Reactions and Reviews

I'm very impressed! This issue of CHEKOV'S STATION is a lovely example of the kind of a job a fan group can do if they are really earnest, enjoy what they are doing, and are eager to learn. Upon leafing through this full-sized, attractively bound magazine, I am impressed by the excellent layout and beautiful photos. There are all sorts of people here—members of the club, photos from conventions of Walter Koenig (lots!), and George Takei (in a guest section). And there is plenty of artwork,ranging from 3 fair stories with Chekov in a prominent role, an interview with Walter, and a sizeable report (with lots of good photos) of the recent Philadelphia convention. Recommended.[1]


  1. ^ from Stardate #9