Chekov's Station (Walter Koenig newsletter published by WKFC)

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Title: Chekov's Station
Publisher: Walter Koenig Fan Club (WKFC), out of North Carolina
Editor(s): Teri Roberts (first and second issue), then Jackie Townsend (President) & Patti Heylin (VP)
Date(s): 1974 to at least 1976
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS/Walter Koenig
Language: English
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Chekov's Station is a Star Trek: TOS newsletter.

A fiction and art sister zine is Chekov's Station.

Issue 1

Chekov's Station 1 was published in spring 1974 and contains 11 pages.

cover of issue #1

From the editor:

Well here it is! The first WKFC Newsletter! (PANT, PANT). Please forgive our tardiness but we had some difficulty getting things together. My deepest apologies go to those of you who joined the WKFC early only to find that it ended (nearly) before it began.

That's where I come in. I, myself, was a prospective member, Jackie had already joined, when Patti ran into her difficulties. It was through Jackie that I became President of this club. Patti knew that, at one time, Jackie and I wanted to start a club for Mr. Koenig, but we bowed out when we learned that she had already started one. Therefore, when she ran into trouble, she asked Jackie and I to take over and the rest is history.

By the way, don't be discouraged about the membership packets - you'll receive them as soon as we get the pictures back from the printers. It's just I wanted to get the newsletter out now instead of waiting until later.

As with any club, we need your support. That includes stories, poetry, and the like. The procedure for this goes as follows,.. Send Jackie your stories, poetry, or any written piece, so he may type them up for me to print. Please send a SASE if you wish the story, etc, returned.

Send Laurel or me any old or new, newspaper or magazine articles on Walter Koenig (or "Star Trek"). We want any and all materials we can set our hands on for both the newsletters and the yearbook.

Send Debbie your membership dues when you renew, any contributions and any change of address. This will help us tremendously to cut down on the paperwork.

When in doubt as to which address to use when writing Laurel, Debbie, or I, use the home addresses. We will not fail to receive your letters that way. Please use our home addresses if you intend to write any of us from mid-April or through the summer, as we will not be at the college then.

All of us here are working hard to make the best club possible. We need your help (Wish us luck!).

  • Editorial
  • Walter Koenig's Appearances
  • Koenig's Bio
  • a 2-page questionnaire which Koenig has written his answers by hand

Issue 2

Issue 3

Chekov's Station 3 was published in December 1974 and contains 2 pages. It has a new editor, who says the previous one stepped down for "personal reasons."

front cover of issue #3, Jackie Townsend
  • the club is in financial stress "and will have to use other means to publish the newsletters"
  • despite that fact it appears that Walter Koenig has not yet been invited to "the Star Trek Convention in New York City]], fans are encouraged to attend; W.K.F.C. will have a table there
  • fans are encouraged to send Walter a Christmas card
  • there's still time to get on the upcoming 1975 pen pal list
  • the club now has pencils in three colors: red, blue, and green

Issue 4

There MAY have been a fourth issue.