Walter Koenig Fan Club Newsletter

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Title: Walter Koenig Fan Club Newsletter
Publisher: Walter Koenig Fan Club
Editor(s): Jack Townsend and Susan Houck
Date(s): mid-1970s
Frequency: infrequent, though was probably planned as quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: Walter Koenig, Star Trek
Language: English
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Walter Koenig Fan Club Newsletter was a publication of Walter Koenig Fan Club.

It was edited by Jack Townsend and Susan Houck.

December 1975

This issue has a short con report for the Al Schuster Star Trek con in Philadelphia in which the editors heard some very early (erroneous movie rumors), listened to the Roddenberry Phone Call, went to a party with some of the guests of honor. It also talks of a club contest, what Koenig has been up to in the last six months, asks for submissions for a club yearbook, and includes a photo of Koenig along with a man who may be Jack Townsend.