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Fan Club
Name: "Walter Koenig Fan Society," then became "Walter Koenig International"
Dates: 1980 to at least the mid-1990s
Founder(s): Michelle Ward was "Acting President" in late 1980, Lisa Scharf was "Acting Vice President" in 1980, Tarcie (Tracie?) Dehne was "Secretary" n 1980
Leadership: Candi Chase and Sue McCutchen
Country based in: Falls Church, Virginia, USA
Focus: Star Trek
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Walter Koenig Fan Society was a fan club for the actor who portrayed Pavel Chekov on Star Trek.

a flyer for the club

This club was an official one (endorsed by Koenig) and followed on the heels of Walter Koenig Fan Club. In 1985, this club's named changed to Walter Koenig International.


From 1980: "The official Walter Koenig Fan Society is authorized and fully supported by Walter. We are built on friendships, communication and the creative process. Membership includes a signed membership card, a glossy of Walter, a bio-sheet and a letter not only welcoming you into the WKFS, but which gives an indication of Walter's feelings for the WKFS. We publish regular newsletters and Journals. Our Journals are set aside for publication of artwork, poems, correspondence from and to members, as well as convention news and Star Trek updates. Contributions from members keep our Journals alive. We want the WKFS to be a club that Walter, as well as his fans, will be proud of and benefit from. To do this, we need your support and your enthusiasm. Let's make the WKFS a success! Membership dues are $6.00/year U.S. and Canada, $7.00 for overseas members. All checks and money orders made payable to Michelle Ward." [1]

From a 1983 flyer printed in the Space Trek program book: "This club, authorized by Walter, is for his fans. Walter has agreed to keep us informed about his activities both in and out of Star Trek."

1986 flyer

Honorary Members

Honorary members in 1986 were: Pam Clarke, Jimmy Doohan, Captain Euston, Alesia Hunley, Bruce Hyde, Lizard III, Shirley Maiewski, Billie Mundorff, Rob Reis, Michelle Ryan, Lisa S, George Takei, Howard Weinstein, and one would assume, Walter Koenig.

Some Publications


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